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Keep your Subbuteo Team Organised

by • August 8, 2016 • No Comments


If anyone’s benefited of the world of domestic 3D printing equipment, revolutionary DIY tinkerers and problem solvers have unquestionably gotten a lot out of these manufacturing machines.

One in particular delved into the world of storage space and packaging for a prized collection of game pieces.

What is Subbuteo?

Subbuteo is a form of tabletop soccer where players flick miniature soccer players with their finger to hit a ball into a goal.

These pieces are really tiny and fragile on the top, so players tend to store their pieces in boxes with dividers. But, as demonstrated in the video, rectangular or square dividers yet leave pieces to knock around, which stores the pieces at risk of being damaged or the paint chipped.


credit to sgabolab

The pieces are in addition a little complex to remove of the dividers too, as they’re tiny adequate to hold the pieces, but not big adequate for players to fit their fingers within to remove the pieces.

The friend of man 3D printing enthausiast, who goes by the username Sgabolab, presented their problem, and Sgabolab set to work.

3D printing saves the day!

The box itself was may already provided, but Sgabolab modelled an alternative divider shape which fit advantageous with the shape of the Subbuteo pieces so they mayn’t rattle around so much. They in addition modelled the edges so they may dip down, manufacturing it far simpler for someone to pick out a piece via their fingers.


credit to sgabolab

The dividers were modelled in blocks of 12, so any extra
blocks of dividers may only be sat following to existing dividers neatly. Here they are all printed and placed in the box!


credit to sgabolab

An extra
piece was created to hold all other pieces needed in the set at once, saving both space and the amount of parts needed to store all things organised. All which was introduced to the existing box other than these 3D pieces was a piece of foam to pad all things and hold the pieces in place, and a piece of felt to line the bottom of the box.

Quick, organised and effortless, how storage space should be!

Sgabolab can have the pieces on the market to buy quite soon, so manufacture certain to check them out here for any updates as well as the other projects they have underway!


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