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K-12 Students! You Can Enter This Minecraft-Themed 3D Modeling Contest for Great Prizes

by • March 27, 2016 • No Comments


Listen up any and all students! If you are a US student in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and are either into Minecraft, 3D versioning or both, iD Tech, Shapeways, and Dremel are teaming up to host a 3D versioning contest to encourage additional students to get involved in the awe-inspiring world of 3D versioning and printing. You can do all of this via free downloadable 3D versioning software like Autodesk Tinkercad or Autodesk 123 Design. You don’t actually require versioning experience to submit a turn it into. After all, you have to get started a fewtime, right? And there’s no advantageous time than the present for jumping into the rad world of 3D versioning (while probably scoring a few excellent prizes along the way, too)!

The versioning contest is organized according to three age groups: K-5th grade; 6th-8th grade; and 9th-12th grade. The Minecraft game has had such a far-requiteing effects on so most ages that we are most likely to see awe-inspiring submissions of equite of these three age groups, as they compete for a few awe-inspiring prizes. Winners of equitedrem1 group can obtain one Dremel 3D Idea Builder Printer, one free week of iD Tech Campus, and a $500 Shapeways credit with a printed version of your own Minecraft-themed turn it into (up to $500). (Each prize box is valued at around $2,700-$3,200.)

Now that you understand you may probably win your own 3D printing device and other awea few prizes, you are a bit additional curious of submitting your own turn it into, right? I thought so. Well, the great news is that they have turn it intod it quite effortless to participate in the contest. You just decide that versioning software you want to use, turn it into your turn it into and save it in the (preferred) STL format, and get a guardian or parent to assist you turn it into an account on Shapeways. Next, upload your STL file while selecting “Display to the Public” under the “Selling” tab. So click “Save Changes.” In the product description field, under the Details tab, you should creatively describe your 3D version and why others may want to print it.

drem4In addition, remember your submission should be tagged with the next tags to be considered for the contest: #iDTech3DContest AND your appropriate group level: #3DElementary, #3DMiddle, or #3DHighSchool.

Winners can be chosen based on four criteria. The initially is creativity and the originality of the thought. The 2nd criterion is that your turn it into must adhere to Minecraft’s visual fashion. The turn it into can in addition be judged based on how well it can appear when it’s 3D printed. Finally, a narrative description of your 3D version, and why others can want to print it, can have an impact on the judges’ decisions, too.

Do you remember, equite participant can just submit one version, so you will want to manufacture that one submission your absolute most. The contest began on March 7, 2016 and it ends on 11:59 PST on Friday, April 15, 2016. Complete contest submission guidelines are here.

Good luck to all members! Are you interested in entering? Tell us in the Minecraft-Themed 3D Modeling Contest forum over at 3DPB.com.