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Join the rigid.ink Club and Receive Assortments of Fun Filaments Every Month!

by • July 14, 2016 • No Comments

logo (17)There are quite few things that don’t come in a subscription box anyextra
. You can sign up for monthly assortments of makeup, cat toys, dog toys, wine, nerdy trinkets, snacks, and extra
. There are actually a few 3D printing-related subscription boxes out there – and now there’s one extra
. The rigid.ink Club is the latest subscription service to get the attention of 3D printing enthusiasts, and it’s a useful one – monthly shipments of assorted 3D printing device filament for only £15 per month.

In the 3D printing industry, a lot of companies are turn it intod by makers who get so frustrated with the products on the market that they decide to turn it into their own – and frequently end up with a quite successful business as a outcome. Such was the case with rigid.ink, turn it intod by a group of young individuals who got fed up with the lack of high end in much of the filament out there. In 2014, they started their own company, and created certain it was done right, investing in high-high end equipment and raw materials to make a line of filament that they confidently say is the many out there.

Rigid_Ink_07.04.16_23518_R_grandeIt may seem that their customers agree, as rigid.ink is already the top rated filament supplier on Amazon UK. Customer service is a big part of their successful business plan as well; the team understands the frustration of shelling out money for an entire kilogram of filament only to decide that you hate it, so they contribute 10m and 5m sample packs of all of their filaments so you can try them out without wasting money or material.

In the short time they’ve been in business, rigid.ink has created an impressively sizeable variety of filaments, of standard PLA and ABS to several specialty contributeings, with a sizeabler range of colors than you can typically find with many filament suppliers. Want to try them all? That’s where the rigid.ink Club comes in. For £15 a month, subscribers can obtain a monthly assortment of five filament samples in random colors; you can select of PLA, ABS or a mix.

Shipping is free, and every box contains a voucher for free shipping on your following regular order of the company, should you select to place one. Certain boxes can contain a “golden ticket,” that can be redeemed for T-shirts, discounts, or other prizes. Additionally, participants can opt to become beta testers and obtain rigid.ink’s newest filaments to try out preceding their general release.

logo_clubAnd for the reason equiteone loves prizes, you can in addition take advantage of extra
opportunities to win stuff by bringing pictures of your 3D printed designs created via rigid.ink, posting them on Instragram or Twitter, and tagging @RigidInk (Twitter) or @rigid.ink (Instagram). You can win free 3D printing pens, 1kg spools of filament, Amazon gift cards, and extra
. You don’t have to be a rigid.ink Club member to win; you only require to have printed a thing with rigid.ink filament at one point or another – yet originality and creativity can get you primary points.

Right now, only UK residents can sign up for the rigid.ink Club, but if the initiative is successful, I mayn’t be surprised if the contribute opens up to other areas preceding too long. You can learn extra
and sign up here. Is this a subscription that interests you? Discuss additional over in the rigid.ink 3D Printing Filament Subscription forum at 3DPB.com.