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2016 has only only begun and MyMiniFactory has launched a big 3D printing contest. Partnering with everyone’s favourite drone developer, Parrot, the 3D printing community is inviting the world to turn it into 3D printable accessories for Parrot’s latest Minidrones & Bebop drones for a accident at $2,000 worth of prizes and the opportunity to have their products sold in the official Parrot Store.

myminifactory parrot 3D printing competition drone with base

After piloting drones for for a while
, the art of flying can become, well, a bit of a drone. Thankfully, to spice things up, the 3D printing community has come up with revolutionary ways to personalize and accessorize these increasingly ubiquitous crafts. Already on MyMiniFactory are a few clever creations for drone enthusiasts, such as a 3D printed Millennium Falcon shell and a mini Death Star for your micro drone. So, for all of you droning createers, now is your accident to put these skills to the test.

myminifactory parrot 3D printing competition drone jumperFrom now until February 16, 2016, just upload your STL files to MyMiniFactory via the button at the bottom of this page (Photos of your print can ensure a faster create approval). So, during the open voting period of February 24 to March 11, three winners can be determined based on the total number of likes on MMF. Parrot can in addition be selecting three winners, which may or may not be the same as those determined by likes.

The initially place winner can take home a Bebop 2 and Sky Controller, while 2nd place wins a Bebop 2 and third place gets a Minidrone of their choice. On top of which, Parrot can work with the createers of their three favourite creations to have them sold in the official Parrot Store, with royalties negotiated on a case by case basis.

myminifactory parrot 3D printing competition drone

Whilst Star Wars shells are a fun way to go, Parrot recommends bringing these suggestions into account: “A fully invented project with a story to tell. e.g. the jumping sumo jousting game; creative creations which most compliment every drone; and creations which do not compromise functionality.” You’ll have to consider the way your accessory affects the mass, as well as the balance and integrity of the drone, and the structural integrity of the part and its method of attachment to the drone can be key, too. MMF has uploaded the template files for all of the Parrot devices, so, what are you waiting for? Get createing!

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