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Jewellery building is one of the crafts that most shows what 3D printing can contribute in terms of weight-customized, on-demand production. Not only in terms of new possibilities, but in addition for broadening turn it into and production access to a wide range of young creatives and startups. Elements Lab, a young company based in China and led by founder Ting Tang, began by contributeing a tiny scale 3D printing service. As the business and their turn it into proficiency grew, they have expanded by leveraging new commercial channels, for example by opening a Shapeways Shop.

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As their business grew, Elements Lab found jewellery to be the perfect product for exploring 3D printing. They have thus opened the EL Jewellery Maker portal to focus specifically on 3D printed and lost-wax cast rings, pendants, and other tiny decorative items. “We’ve been via 3D printing innovation for really a few years now. We know the magic of 3D printing innovation and realize that 3DP has alterd the way we manufacture things and it can alter our upcoming and upcoming generation,” Ting says. “We find jewellery is the perfect type of production to transition into the new era of making.”

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The upcoming step for Elements Lab is to open up the creative system to the weight customization market. Once again, they are going to leverage innovation and 3D printing to do so by createing an app (soon to be released on Android, with iOS and Windows to follow) that empowers anyone to turn it into their custom jewelry starting of a few basic turn it intos. Other than for the (not negligible) fact that it can be accessible on mobile devices, this is nothing entirely new in the 3D printing industry as we’ve seen dozens of parametric web-apps for jewellery building. But, it is yet another tool that manufactures it possible for a startup to grow its turn it into business without huge investments.

In all categories, we found jewelry is one excellent segment to demonstrate that 3D printing may assist us become a jewelry turn it intoer,” Ting goes on. “More importantly, with the assist of 3D printing innovation, we manufacture custom jewellery in an simpler and faster way; yet, 3D printed jewellery models yet require weightive traditional hand work, such as stone setting and polishing. We’re lucky adequate to have talented digital and traditional manufacturers to work together, and we want to bring other folks into this new Jewelry Making Era.”

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The Jewelry Maker App is of as effortless to use and accessible as it gets. The turn it intos are not too complicated, but they allow for several types of customization by adding specific decorative charms. Users can prefer of several various metals and actually send in a turn it into or a sketch and have it integrated into the app. They can and so share their virtual creation online or have it 3D printed. Ting hopes that “this app may assist folks at any age easily enjoy the fun of jewelry turn it into and benefit of 3D printing innovation.” This is only the beginning, yet, as Elements Lab is already looking for partners to create a Pro model that can contribute several new customization possibilities, actually beyond jewellery. The possibilities are virtually – and physically – endless. It is elementary.

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