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JeeQ Data Reveals Best Selling 3D Printers Online for 2nd Quarter 2016

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

61b4bb7a-f7ac-4271-97a7-8fcff98a8697Are you considering of buying your initially 3D printing device—or maybe actually another? Whether you are shopping for the home, a school lab, or the office, it’s incredibly significant to have all the pertinent information on the market at your fingertips. And while many designers and creative types are pretty not ones to ‘follow,’ there’s no denying that when it comes to consumer issues, it’s always really great to be able-bodied to a appear at talked about trends. This is of buying a functional tool, not manufacturing a style statement. So am I interested in that 3D printing equipment the world is buying online? Absolutely. And thanks to JeeQ Data, we get to take a appear at what the Joneses are buying online every quarter.

For the initially quarter of this year, online 3D printing device sales via Best Buy and Amazon showed developers like Robo 3D, XYZprinting, and FlashForge firmly in the lead, with 3D printing pens having taken a backseat of the prior quarter at Amazon—but reappearing in full force now.

Looking at results of the Top 20 Best Selling 3D Printers of BestBuy.com, the top five sees a primary jump for the New Matter Mod-t 3D printing device, modestly priced at $399, and said to be one of the most machines for those only buying their initially machine. This jump toppled the (discontinued) 3D Systems Cube Wireless down a notch, with all of the same developers falling into line of there, after enabling for the bringing of spots 9-12 by XYZprinting with a variety of printing equipment ranging in price of $399-$799—and reflecting precisely what we may assume as we’ve been keeping an eye on this incredibly prolific and talked about company of Taiwan, only having revealed additional new releases. The Afinia H800 3D printing device makes an appearance at #19, and the Monoprice Maker Select 3D printing device has been knocked out of the revealing this month at Best Buy.

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As for the ‘Top Ten Best Seller Appearance Share by Manufacturer’ for BestBuy.com, once again you don’t require to appear past XYZprinting, garnering 35% of the market share, with 3D Systems up really a bit of 12.61% last month to 20.11% this month. Robo 3D and Dremel remained pretty static, although we do see that New Matter is up over HP this month at 8.68%. In most-selling trends, XYZprinting far and away sails over the rest of the competition, with 3D Systems following as a significant player on the chart. Below that are a few of that same companies, really neck in neck, of Robo 3D to Solidoodle (that has suspended operations), and actually Mattel—intent on manufacturing an entry into the 3D printing market.

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Top 20 Best Selling 3D Printers of Amazon shows really the shocker in #1, as this month the Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen has risen all the way of #12. Retailing at $89.99, this shows again that the online marketplace is mighty talked about with those ordering 3D printing pens.

Accessories for pens actually come into play at 2nd place, with 3D Pen filament refills. The Robo 3D fell significantly, all the way to 13, with a new 3D printing device appearing in the top five: the QIDI Tech 1, listing at $600 of the Chinese developer. And while the Monoprice may have fallen out of the loop at Best Buy, we now see it at #8 in the Amazon realm. JeeQ Data points out that the Hictop Filament Monitor Desktop 3D Printer Prusa I3 DIY Kit, another product of China, is in the #19 spot, at a listing price of $599.


And again, it’s always informative to compare the ‘Top Ten Best Seller Appearance Share by Manufacturer’ for Amazon, as the picture is so different—and much additional dominated by the arts and crafts crowd. For the 2nd quarter, FlashForge (13.37%) and 7Tech (8.18%) are joined by additional 3D printing pen and materials companies such as JoyCrafty and 3D Artist Supply.

Trends show FlashForge soaring ahead of the competitors not long ago, with 3D printing pens and supplies lumped together, such as 7Tech, Glyby, JoyCrafty, 3D Artist Supply—and and so finally we begin to see the 3D printing developers such as XYZprinting and LulzBot in the Amazon quarterly trends. It is informative to see the varying movement as well as a few newcomers this quarter—along with the revelation that maybe we require to appear into a few additional of these 3D printing pens. And if you want one, Amazon is pretty the place to go.

Do you want to track current trends in the 3D printing industry? If so, you can sign up for your own account at JeeQ–or only check back with 3DPrint.com, when we review the following quarter’s information. Discuss additional in the JeeQ 3D Printer Sales forum over at 3DPB.com.