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Jean-François Réveillard Explores Time and Matter Through 3D Printing and Digital Media

by • July 2, 2016 • No Comments

DSC04777,medium_large.1466938309The world of visual art, may already expansive, has been greatly enhanced by the arrival of 3D printing innovation. Several artists have emerged in the last few years with striking displays of ability and creativity, revealing the world ideas that it’s complex to believe may have come of a 3D printing device. The variety of work produced by 3D printing artists is as wide as that in any other artistic genre, and when you add in artists who use 3D printing alongside other media forms, the possibilities become actually greater.

One multimedia artist who has caught our attention in the past is Jean-François Réveillard, whose work ranges of traditional painting to roadside art to video installations – with a quite healthy dose of 3D printing running through all of it. His subject matter encompasses equitething of the whimsical (“Chat à la moustache verte”) to the sobering (the “Diagnoses” series). His latest series explores both the vast and the quite small in a multimedia, video and 3D printing centered installation entitled “Time and Particles.”

“The particles, constituents of all matter, are precious stones, jewels, vibratory pigments closely related to time and universe. Highlighted in the LHC ( Large Hadron Collider), these discoveries turn upside down our vision of the world and our origin, especially the space/time in that we live,” Réveillard explains. “These gems of the universe are represented in cabinet of curiosity fashion, by sculptures accomplished in a dreamlike poetic manner with three dimensional printings, enhancing their non-persistence and accentuating their mysteries.”


The installation debuted at Rhy Art Fair, that took place of June 16-19 in Basel, Switzerland. The abstract, dreamlike exhibit featured several of Réveillard’s 3D printed “particle” sculptures, that range of easy, straightforward depictions of gold particles, for example, to additional metaphorical structures like “Particles of Hope.” Juxtaposed against the 3D printed sculptures was a video stream of surreal images that depict the merging of humanity and the effortless world, as well as the fluid, ephemeral nature of time itself. Digital particles pulsate and dance, and so fade in and out of view alongside nebulous human figures, while sunlight streams through clouds and waves crash on a bevery.

DSC04751,medium_large.1466938309“Nature is the expression of the many visible and observable time, one of the main valuable assets, the one that puts us in the persistence of our lives lost in technological narcosis,” says Réveillard. “We must continually preserve this nature, an integral part of our being, the effortless time belongs to us, existing in every small part of the universe with us, or without us.

“This timeline is represented through observation and digital scenes sets in videos, a few filmed live inside nature, where introspection helps to visualize, immersing in a universal breathing stream, blocking and stopping the artificial time of innovation.”

Indeed, the videos of live nature scenes, for the many part, stand out much additional unquestionably and sharply as opposed to the digital images, that dissolve, morph and disappear. It is particularly informative to watch the particles and human figures fade into the ocean and sky, as if to imply that equitething, of the many primal particulate matter to the many high end human-developed innovation, actuallytually melt back into the elements of that they originally came.

You can see a few video of the installation on Réveillard’s Facebook page. Discuss this project additional in the 3D Printed Art Installation forum over at 3DPB.com.