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Japanese Court Delivers Vagina Verdict: Vagina-Inspired Models Are Pop Art; 3D Printable Files Are Still Obscene

by • May 8, 2016 • No Comments


Megumi Igarashi

One of the stranger stories we’ve been next is that of artist Megumi Igarashi, aka “the vagina kayak lady.” Her story began back in 2014, when she was arrested for selling and distributing 3D printable files of her own vagina. She was released days later after an appeal, but what followed was a long saga of court cases, extra
arrests, and an actuallytual indictment that ultimately resulted in a penalty of ¥800,000 (of $6,600). Igarashi refused to pay the satisfactory, insisting that the female anatomy is not obscene, and public opinion largely agreed with her. Currently, the Japanese court process has revealed a final verdict, and while the penalty has been reduced, the decision is as seemingly incomprehensible as the rest of the case has been.

Igarashi first began distributing the files of her 3D scanned vagina as a way to raise money for a quite own project: she wanted to create a kayak versioned on her lady parts. After she was arrested for the distribution of obscene material and subsequently released, she go ond to defy the courts and share her kayak plans online, as well as creating and selling an entire series of vagina-inspired art that included smartphone cases, lampshades, and a toy version of the kayak, that she finally created at full scale.

igarashi3Her case drew attention to Japan’s outdated and comical views of obscenity and pornography, that seem to be completely arbitrary; attempting to manufacture sense of them manufactures one want to bang one’s head against the wall. You’d ponder that a country with a $20 billion a year porn industry may be fairly liberal of sexuality in art and media, but actually in Japanese pornography genitals are typically pixelated or blocked out with black bars. But, while the legal process is hung up on blocking images of effortless anatomy, they’re quite free in their acceptance of anime and manga that depict the subjugation and abuse of women and children, albeit in cartoon form.


Igarashi and her cartoon vagina, Manko-chan (“Miss Pussy”)

So there’s the penis festival, a annual actuallyt that celebrates the male member with phalluses equitewhere, of giant floats to edibles. The double standard is obvious, and Igarashi’s legal battle has drawn global attention to an antiquated process that celebrates the penis but appears to be pretty afraid of the vagina – that is why the artist states that she can go on to fight the courts after today’s verdict, that concluded that, fundamentally, while Igarashi’s vagina figurines can be considered pop art, the 3D printable files are yet pornography, and thus the artist is guilty of the distribution of indecent material.

Judge Mihoko Tanabe explained that the court was clearing Igarashi of the obscenity charge relating to her sale of miniature vagina kayaks, stating that for the reason the kayak does not overly resemble a vagina, it’s okay – but that the files themselves were realistic adequate to “sexually arouse viewers” and are thus pornographic. The verdict reduced the satisfactory by half – Igarashi is now required to pay ¥400,000, but she’s yet not having it.

“I am of course indignant,” she said at a news conference. “I’ll fight until the end … I can appeal and go on to fight in court. I’ve been working to alter the concept of obscenity, that is usually seen of the point of view of men — I’m mortified the (female) judge didn’t understand that.”

So this pretty is not the last we will be hearing of Igarashi, who appeared at the news conference with several cartoon vagina figurines. I don’t understand what her chances are in terms of changing the court’s mind, but she’s pretty drawn a lot of attention to Japan’s attitudes towards female sexuality – and that is a thing of a victory in itself. Thoughts on this ongoing case? Discuss in the 3D Vagina Artist forum over at 3DPB.com.