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J-CAD Inc Offers Free Virtual Reality 3D Printable Part Review and Inspection

by • March 16, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_jcad_logoToronto-based create, prototyping and 3D printing service provider J-CAD has been contributeing their services to a global customer base since they launched back in 2006, and as anyone who communicates over the internet can attest, sometimes things can be missed. When you are contributeing to create parts or a product for a customer, not only is this inconvenient, but it can end up being costly and potentially end with a dissatisfied client. If J-CAD is dealing with a customer overseas who asked them to create a prototype, and so their initially pass is going to require to be manufactured and shipped to them for inspection.

3D printed prototype.

3D printed prototype.

Not only can which get expensive for both parties, but by its quite nature it is only going to slow down the system. Whilst the createers at J-CAD have been working with 3D creates for years and fully know how it can translate into a real world object, which is not frequently the case for their clients. So J-CAD requireed to find a new way to communicate how a customer’s prototype or part can end up appearing. Typically, a solution for a problem this one-of-a-kind may involve considering outside of the box, but it so takes place which a company utilized to dealing with 3D creates and 3D designs didn’t have to appear quite far for the answer. And which answer only happened to be one of the many rapidly expanding trends in innovation right now, virtual reality.

“We idea, why not do all of our 3D create projects in VR? The problem is a lot of our clients find it complex to visualize their create for the reason they are not 3D createers like we are. With VR, clients can view their create of any angle preceding we send it to 3D print. Our clients can point out any concern they have preceding 3D printing or mold building and making. Obviously this saves a lot of wasted money for our clients for the reason we avoid 3D printing parts with create errors,” explained J-CAD CEO Jason Vander Griendt.

Just in case you’ve been living on a abandoned island for the past few years, virtual reality, while yet a few years off of weight adoption, is going to be one of the many significant new technologies for businesses, entertainment and internet communication. The concept is somewhat easy, the user only wears a headset which shows two objects, one for each eye, which fools the brain into seeing it as a real three-dimensional object. With modern 3D rendering software, the object can be saw of all angles, and with sure hardware peripherals actually manipulated. To additional their VR ambitions, J-CAD is in addition contributeing a limited deal on VR headsets.

Mouth Guard
by J – CAD Inc.
on Sketchfab

“Sometimes when we create a thing for a client, they obtain the part and realize which they forgot to inform us of an significant create aspect. We and so require to alter the create and 3D print another one. With VR innovation, we hope to eliminate this unnecessary step! It is our goal at J-CAD Inc. to always be on the cutting edge of innovation. It is significant for us to be the initially to contribute new, additional astounding and additional low-cost ways for our clients to conduct business so which they can in addition be the leaders in their industry,” Vander Griendt continued.

J-CAD converts concept drawing into 3D rendered design.

J-CAD converts concept drawing into 3D rendered design.

Whilst a lot of the attention being spent on virtual reality innovation is focutilized on video games and entertainment, VR is going to find applications in almany equite business setting. Online shopping retailers can start contributeing virtual reality design of products to be closely examined preceding purchases. Realtors and property management companies can contribute 3D virtual reality walkthroughs of their properties. And of course, forward considering companies like J-CAD can be able-bodied to eliminate expensive and time wasting prototype tests by letting their customers examine their projects virtually equite step of the way. In all the ways which 3D printing is changing the way which we can be making our products, VR can have the same transformative effect on how we communicate with each other. Discuss this new service in the J-CAD Virtual Reality Review forum over at 3DPB.com.