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It’s next to impossible to break these 3D printed products – Khaleej Times

by • February 29, 2016 • No Comments

Just imagine being able-bodied to 3D print machine parts, tools and fixtures that are as sturdy as metal of your PC. Yes, a ingenious innovation has been announced that can overcome the durablity limitations of traditional 3D printed materials.
The Mark One 3D printing device is the world’s initially 3D printing device turn it intod to print carbon fibre. Now, this breakthrough innovation is in addition on the market-bodied in the Middle East, courtesy Jacky’s Business Solutions that has partnered with MarkForged as the authorised distributor of Mark One 3D printing devices across the region.
Carbon fibre (CF) has long been a material of choice for car and aerospace applications due to its light mass and extreme durablity.
Now, this innovation puts carbon parts inside reach of all sorts of other industries as well, and allows for intricate shapes to be turn it intod that may be quite tough to turn it into via traditional CF making techniques.
The Middle East’s initially carbon fibre 3D printing device was announced at the third Arabiamold, a trade fair for moldmaking and tooling, create and application development at the Expo Centre Sharjah.
“While 3D printing has grown tremendously over the years, the actual output has been limited to plastic parts with no durablity properties. MarkForged’s innovation allowed to 3D print actual working prototypes with higher durablity and improved functionality via Kevlar, carbon fibre, nylon and fibreglass one of others,” said Ashish Panjabi, COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions.
Unlike normal 3D printed objects that are flimsy and unfinished, products created by the Mark One 3D printing device are solid and light – the carbon fibre is interspersed with nylon to store the mass down.

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