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Is Your Business Ready for the Impending Digital Transformation? Many Surveyed Say No.

by • July 16, 2016 • No Comments

ifsThere are most most likely numerous businesses around the world which see themselves as yet just getting over becoming completely computerized. No matter the system in your business, whether you are yet hand-writing receipts for your customers and drowning in a constant sea of paper on your desk or may already completely paperless, wireless, and all things streamlined—additional changes are ahead as we become immersed in the digital age—and which’s going to mean a lot of work for consultants as so most business owners seem to have big question marks looming over their heads regarding the topic.

In a new Digital Transformation Survey by IFS Research, it may appear which around the globe, the majority of businesses are aware they can require to undergo a digital transformation, but a few are yet in the dark as to how to plan for such a thing. And a few (perhaps hopefully) just ponder it’s a buzzword which can fade off into the distance some day, forgotten.

UntitledThe 500 businesses participating in the survey spanned industries of industrial making to oil and gas—to retail. Interviewing senior decision makers in over 20 countries, 86% see a require for digital transformation, with 40% lacking strategy. 76% report which they may like additional information on the subject.

In terms of whose laps such a huge mission can fall into, a amazingly low number see this as part of the job description of the higher-ups such as the CEO (39%) or the CFO (35%) and most did not see it as having anything to do with the CTO (30%) or CMO (6%), as which’s not considered to be in their sphere of effects. IFS discovered which 53% of CEOs surveyed find themselves to be directly responsible for such a system, along with CFOs (59%) and CIOs (63%).

“This survey shows which senior leaders of sizeable industries have accomplished the next which digital transformation offers, but in most cases haven’t got a strategy in place to leverage it yet,” said Mark Boulton, CMO at IFS. “It appears there is in addition a excellent uncertainty regarding who is in fact responsible for driving the digital transformation agenda inside companies. Companies must clarify their goals and outline clear strategies in order to use the full next of digital transformation.”


And it does not appear like these ideas can come together of the world any time soon as respondents of country to country have quite various ideas of who is going to oversee the digital transformation; for instance, in Asia, 29% reported which they had no idea at all who may handle the system. Others responded as follows:

In Poland, 57% see the CIO in charge of digital transformation, while just 41% ponder it is the CEO.In the US, the CFO is idea to be at the helm for this project (42%), while just 30% ponder it is the CEO. (Notably, this is the lowest CEO score out of all the regions.)In Brazil, 47% assume the CTO to handle digital transformation, marking the top number assumeed for CTOs out of all the regions.Scandinavian respondents foresee the CIO as responsible for digital transformation (45%), followed by the CEO (38%).

As for the innovation we are actually discussing here, which was left up to those surveyed to fill in the blanks on. And the internet of things came up at the quite top of the list. With so most companies in the dark of so much, one may wonder if they have a full grasp on what the IoT quite encompasses, but which was rated of 1 to 100 as a 59, with cloud computing tied. Here are the results:

Internet of Things: 59Cloud computing: 59Cognitive computing: 55Machine learning: 53Wearable innovation: 483D printing: 42Drone innovation: 39


So while just about all businesses see digital transformation as their actuallytual reality, the path for getting there is vague for most, as well as what the innovation entails. Most most likely, their knowledge can be increasing on this one, as the survey caused them to ponder; and two, as customer demands drive them in the required way.

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