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Introducing the ZYYX+ 3D Printer: Better Print Quality, Improved Fan System and a New Filament Line

by • January 22, 2016 • No Comments

ZYYX-aluminium-upgradeMagicfirm Europe may sound like a place where Hogwarts graduates go to find employment, but the Swedish company is in fact a highly successful 3D printing device developer. There is a thing magical of their ZYYX 3D printing device, yet. First added in 2014, the ZYYX caught people’s attention with one showcase in particular – a fan process that eliminates fumes of melting filament. A fresh-air environment when printing is highly attractive, and the introduction of several smart showcases less than a year later enhanced the printing device’s user friendly, streamlined high end. Now, the company has released the ZYYX+, that improves actually additional on the may already highly agreeable printing device.

“The initially ZYYX 3D printing device was created with focus on reliability, ease-of-use, building it fume free and quiet since this was lacking in the existing 3D printing devices,” said Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe. “With the new ZYYX+, our objective has been to surpass our competitors when it comes to print high end.”


This improved print high end is completed with several new showcases, most of them aimed at reducing vibration. A vibrating printing device can wreak havoc on print high end, particularly when you are attempting to complete a high-resolution, finely detailed print. The ZYYX+ has replaced all of the moving parts around the print head with aluminum ones, that increases the stability of the printing device and practuallyts vibration. Not only does this improve print high end, but it in addition extends the lifetime of the printing device. To cut down actually additional on vibration, the company has redesigned the motion planner and extrusion algorithms, that steadies the printing device and reduces retraction.

extruder_flipped-300x255The fan has been improved, as well. It is stronger, and the user can adonly the speed directly in Simplify3D as requireed. It is in addition way simpler to clean. The fan holder has been redesigned so that print head maintenance is a breeze (sorry): only unlatch the holder, flip it to the side, swab or do whatever else you require to do to the feeder mechanism, and flip the holder back into place.

So there’s the filament! Magicfirm has in addition created a new line of filament to go with the ZYYX+. The ZYYX Pro line comes with ZYYX proPLA, ZYYZ proABS, and ZYYX proFlex. Other filaments can, of course, be utilized with the ZYYX+, the company confirms, but the Pro filaments are optimized for reliability and high end. A few showcases include:


Stable overhang performanceControlled viscosity during the cooling phaseSemi-glossy finish



Polymer mix confirms minimal warpOptimal for printing prototypes or production parts exposed to medium mechanical stressMatte surface

ZYYX proFlex:

Hardness of almost 85aHardness of printed version can be adonlyed in Simplify3DRecommended for use with ZYYX SoftSpring

Each filament type is sold in rolls of 1kg. PLA and ABS cost $50.92 per spool and can be ordered in white, black, red, yellow, blue, gray and green; Flex costs $73.70 and is on the market in gray and back. The ZYYX+ printing device is the same price as its predecessor: €1,550 or $2,077. If you order yours now, you will in addition get a free maintenance kit and a fully stocked toolbox. Tell us your yetts on this new product and showcases over in the ZYYX+ 3D Printer forum on 3DPB.com.