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Introducing the Pirakeet: A Tiny DIY and Low-Budget 3D Printed Gaming Console

by • April 25, 2016 • 8s Comments

pira1As video game consoles and graphics seem to get additional and additional sophisticated, for a few reason handheld games in addition seem to grow additional talked of . This is especially the case for individuals of my generation (without giving away my precise age!) who remember a few of the earliest gaming days of Pong, Donkey Kong, and the initially handhelds. Add to this general nostalgia the advent of the Raspberry Pi — a bargain-priced, powerful, and extra tiny desktop — which appears to encourage the taste for DIY handheld games with retro charm. In fact, at half the dimensions of the original Raspberry Pi, the Pi Zero manufactures the original Pi seem kind of big by comparison. Now, it is possible to create and 3D print tinier and tinier handheld gadgets, and this is precisely what we find with the Pirakeet: another handheld Raspberry Pi game console which you can manufacture by yourself.

Are you getting an thought of only how tiny of a handheld game we are talking of here? The Pirakeet, createed by Paris-based Alister Savage (aka “Ampersands“) and posted on Thingiverse, can be 3D printed on a tiny bed. We are talking 80 x 104 mm: which’s how tiny. The Pirakeet is createed as a remix of Adafruit’s Pocket PiGRRL, and the intention is to manufacture it effortless to print, assemble, and play. For example, the console’s front and back are 3D printed as two pieces which can stay separate until you close the case; this separation allows for you to be able-bodied to work separately on “one half at a time and store all things neat.”


Savage explains the create differences between the Pocket PiGRRL and the Pirakeet here:

“This create rather much follows the Adafruit PiGRRL Pocket one, but the image does not work on the Pi Zero (for me anyway) so you will have to manually set up the screen and buttons after installing a Retropie image for the Pi Zero. This create does not have any audio.”

pira2Savage’s Pirakeet parts list is extensive. But the great news is which approximately all things is on the market-bodied through Adafruit (except the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Lithium Ion Polymer Battery). If you checked out the Pirakeet’s parts list, you may be wondering of the approximate cost required to manufacture your own Pirakeet. Savage went ahead and included his Adafruit receipt in the Comments section of his post. It was $100.19 (including deliquite charges), and $10 for the battery. Don’t forget to add the cost of your $5.00 Raspberry Pi to which total, too.

If you are planning on building a Pirakeet, it is in addition really helpful which Savage comes with PDF files for console begin and create guides in addition to elactually various STL files. Both PDF files are quite straightforward and take you through all assembly steps — with a lot of photos. You are advised to manufacture the electronics parts initially and check to see if all things works preceding adding them into your 3D printed case.

Before you understand it, you will be able-bodied to play games on a transportable-bodied console which’s actually tinyer than its Game Boy and PiGRRL predecessors. How’s which for a few 3D printed progress? Is this a fewthing you’d be interested in via? Discuss in the 3D Printed Pirakeet Gaming Console forum over at 3DPB.com.