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Introducing Coated Full Color Sandstone: Your 3D selfie has never looked better!

by • March 2, 2016 • No Comments


One of the many incredible
aspects of 3D scanning is the skill to digitize a form, space, shape or actually human. With Shapeways you are
able-bodied to alter those scans and memories into tangible objects you can hold in your hand, and in our day we are introducing a new material ideal
for all your 3D scans: Coated Full Color Sandstone.

Coated Full Color Sandstone adds a glossy finish to your full color creations to donate a additional premium and finished appear. The coating is sprayed on, providing an actually and consistent surface finish. It adds a few water resistance and durskill to all your Full Color Sandstone products, and is especially excellent for 3D scans. Whilst a few makers have been playing and experimenting with the material for months, it’s now officially on the market-bodied in our marketplace for anyone to get their own attractive glossy 3D selfie.

As 3D scanning becomes additional talked about and accessible, folks are realizing how much fun it can be to turn it into miniature versions of themselves, friends and family to collect. Just like photos, they are a excellent way to protect memories, and the finish of Coated Full Color Sandstone confirms they can appear excellent on display. The colors are additional vibrant and the final appear is a little additional finished and pro.


Last year we revealed multiple locations in New York and in the Netherlands where anyone can get scanned and obtain their quite own 3D selfie. It only takes a minute or so of standing yet while you are
being scanned, and and so you will be able-bodied to have your quite own selfie to hold in your hand. If you are a maker and appearing to add 3D scanning to your repertoire, check out how to get started scanning.

Want to try it out on by yourself
? If you are
in the New York area head over to Pixel Academy to get by yourself
and your family scanned. If you are
in the Netherlands, check out the list of scanning locations to find the place nearest you!

When you get your upcoming 3D printed selfie, don’t forget to share it with us! Post on your favourite social media channel and tag @shapeways so we can share you with the world!

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