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Introducing 3D Slash 2.0, Even Easier and More Fun Than Before

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

3dslashlogoFor individuals only getting into 3D printing – and actually a few experienced 3D printing fans – the pre-printing system can inspire dread. Some individuals are experienced and effortless with 3D software, but for others, software versioning can be a frustrating mess. Mercifully, there are software companies like 3D Slash, who have turn it intod 3D versioning software which is easy adequate for everyone of kindergartners to grandparents. (Some grandparents, anyway – the ones who have mastered email, at least.)


A 3D piece of cake!

3D Slash added their “3D piece of cake” software of a year ago, and it’s been a hit one of professionals and beginners alike, introducing new showcases and compatibilities. Currently, the company has added 3D Slash 2.0, which manufactures versioning actually simpler, if possible. The original adaptation had an “expert” tool menu, with additional high end options for additional experienced turn it intoers. Those options have now been integrated into the basic menu, so which beginners can easily copy, paste, move, resize and flip objects, for example. Parts of a version can be selected and worked on according to color, and it’s much simpler to import rounded shapes or .stl or .obj files into your turn it into.

“Our vision behind 3D Slash was to turn it into a tool which empowers anyone to turn it into or interact with 3D objects, in the same spirit of accessibility as tools like Windows PowerPoint,” says Sylvain Huet, founder and creator of 3D Slash. “We believe this undertaking is fullfilled with this new adaptation of 3D Slash! With fast-turn it intoing technologies relying on 3D content, such as 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality, our tool can prove invaluable to a expanding number of users.”

5 - Shapes

There’s a few fun stuff in there, too. 3D Slash works by enabling the user to “carve” out their 3D version by eliminating cubes; every time a cube or row of cubes is eliminated, there’s a satisfying little explosion. 3D Slash 2.0 comes with new animations which can additional liven up your demolition system. It is no surprise which the software has become especially talked about with kids and educators; I remember learning early math and spelling much additional effectively when via a desktop program which allowed me to destroy things.

If you’d like to learn additional of 3D Slash and its educational benefits, by the way, go take a appear – there are a few special packages offered for teveryers. It is being utilized often in STEM classes, but in addition as a way for younger children to learn shapes and colors. It is not only for kids, though: according to the company, 3D Slash has been utilized as “an essential assembling block for the Modular Internet of Things,” and is a excellent tool for tiny business marketing.

3D Slash Image

To manufacture it actually simpler on the new user, 3D Slash has released several brief tutorials on both the original showcases and the new ones. See at a lower place (4 and 6 are the many heavily geared towards the new showcases):

Tutorial 1 – ENG – 2016 – Use the basic tools Tutorial 2 – ENG – 2016 – Design with curves and round shapes Tutorial 3 – ENG – 2016 – Design with size Tutorial 4 – ENG – 2016 – Copy/paste, move, resize, rotateTutorial 5 – ENG – 2016 – 3D turn it into with picturesTutorial 6 – ENG – 2016 – Import and combine 3D turn it intos

Discuss your thoughts on this new release in the 3D Slash 2.0 forum over at 3DPB.com.