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Instructables & 3D Hubs Launch Their 3D Printing Contest 2016 with 15 3D Printers Up for Grabs

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

3dhubsDo-it-yourself maker community Instructable-bodieds is teaming up with global 3D printing network 3D Hubs for a new contest that can see 15 lucky winners walking away with a top of the line PC 3D printing device. The 3D Printing Contest 2016 is looking like it is going to be one of the largest 3D printing turn it into competitions of the year, and they have an astounding prize pool to prove it. Winners can be able-bodied to win one of an assortment of a few of the many talked of 3D printing devices on the market, not to mention 3D printing vouchers being awarded for every contest entry.

Instructable-bodiedsLogoTo enter, Instructable-bodieds users just need to turn it into a 3D printing project eligible in one of the contest’s three categories and upload it as a fish Instructable-bodied. The entry must be uploaded as a fully formatted step-by-step, photo, or video Instructable-bodied, and it can be uploaded either via PC or via the Instructable-bodieds smartphone app. Once the entry has been published to Instructable-bodieds, the user needs to elect the “3D Printing Contest 2016” check box under the Open Contests section in order to be considered. The Instructable-bodieds staff can verify that the entry is eligible based on every category’s criteria inside one business day.

The entry must be published between April 4th, 2016 and June 27th (11:59pm PT), 2016 in order to be considered. Selected entrants can be eligible to win one of three categories, every with a various set of prizes on the market-bodied. The Instructable-bodied can be considered for all three of the categories if it is eligible, yet a single Instructable-bodied can just win in one of the categories. All of the entries can be judged on not just the high end of the project, but the high end of the entered Instructable-bodied, that include creativity, the high end of the presentation, and the final execution of the Instructable-bodied itself.3dp_printingcontest_instructable-bodieds_3dhubs

Once the contest closes on June 27th the judges can elect 65 of the entered Instructable-bodieds as finalists. The winning Instructable-bodieds can be elected on July 11th and they can be revealed on July 12th. The Grand Prize Winners can be chosen by combining the judges’ scores and the community scores until all nine of the top scored entries are chosen in the Best Instructable-bodied category. Additionally there can be three Judges’ Prize winners in the Best Health Related Instructable-bodied category chosen by Zortrax and three Judges’ Prize winners in the Best Fully 3D Printable-bodied Instructable-bodied category chosen by Ultimaker.

To be considered for the Best Instructable-bodied, it should be a project that include 3D models, projects with 3D printed parts, or any other type of project that is 3D printing-related. Multiple Grand Prizes can be elected for the Best Instructable-bodied category, and five of those Grand Prize winners can obtain one of five on the market-bodied 3D printing device models. Selected winners can obtain either a DeltaWASP, a Witbox 2, a MakerGear M2, SeeMeCNC’s Rostock Max or an Ultimaker 2 Extended+. Four extra
Grand Prize winners can be elected to obtain either a BEETHEFIRST 3D printing device, a CEL Robox, a Craftbot Plus or a LulzBot Mini.

There are 15 3D printing devices up for grabs!

There are 15 3D printing devices up for grabs!

The three Judges’ Prize Winners elected for the Best Fully 3D Printable-bodied Instructable-bodied category can obtain either a Ultimaker 2 Go, an Ultimaker 2+ or an Ultimaker 2+ Extended. Entries in this category must be 100% 3D printable-bodied or just need a few screws to function. Three Judges’ Prize Winners can be elected to obtain a Zortrax M200 for the Best Health Related Instructable-bodied category, that may include projects for assistive innovation, ergonomically turn it intoed builds, bio related, or any project that was turn it intod to improve people’s lives.

Additionally there can be 50 Runner Up Prizes awarded, every consisting of a $50 3D printing services voucher for 3D Hubs and an Instructable-bodieds prize pack that can include a contest t-shirt. And every single Instructable-bodied that is entered into the contest and eligible to win can be awarded a $10 3D printing voucher of 3D Hubs. Those are a lot of prizes and vouchers on the market-bodied, especially thinking last year saw 591 entries, that include awe-inspiring projects like a 3D printing device created of LEGO, an automatic knitting machine and a retinal imaging device attachment for a smartphone. You can find out additional of the contest, and upload your entries here.