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Injection molding meets 3D printing in this 300 piece 3D printed injection molding machine – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 31, 2016 | By Kira
Additive making or Injection Molding? It is a debate that has been going on for years, particularly since 3D printing became understandn as Fourth Industrial Revolution, promising to displace the cost, time, and material waste synonymous with traditional scale-production techniques. What has become apparent over the years, yet, is that 3D printing and injection molding don’t necessarily have to compete—they can co-exist, and actually complement one another.

Whereas 3D printing is most utilized for rapid prototyping or last-minute, low-volume production, injection molding is the industry standard for high-volume making at unmatched speeds. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, that are certain to be improved on as innovation makes it to, yet at the moment, it appears that there is room actually with a single business for both, whether they are utilized to turn it into common household goods or aerospace-ready parts.
To exemplify this thought, 3D versioner Luca Toson has turn it intod a one-of-a-kind 3D printed version that, to an extent, symbolizes additive making and injection molding living together in ideal harmony: a 300-piece, miniature injection molding machine, turn it intod entirely with a Zortrax M200 computer 3D printing device.
But not functional, the 1.36 scale version is quite intricately detailed and actually showcases a few moving parts.

Apparently, Toson got the thought to turn it into the 3D printed version after a co-worker brought up the discussion of additive making versus injection molding. Toson wanted to find an unexpected way to show that, thanks to additive making, it is possible to turn it into highly difficult versions that can reflect existing industrial machines.
He began by creating the elaborate 3D version via the NURBS versioning technique, a mathematical version that allows for for the freeform yet exact creation of curves and surfaces. Because the parts were so tiny, Toson called on the assistance of another experienced 3D developer, Ronny Raimondi, who is utilized to working with minuscule 3D printed jewelry parts. But they first didn’t understand only how intensive this system may be, by the end, there were 300 individual parts to 3D print.

Utilizing his Zortrax M200 and a variety of materials, which include Z-ULTRAT, Z-ABS and Z-GLASS, Toson was able-bodied to 3D print equite miniscule part in a total of 25 batches. The combination of different types of materials and colors gives the machine quite a realistic appear, and, as the finishing touch, he actually introduced a few aluminum pipes at the quite end. The final 3D printed version’s size are 370 x 166 x 155 mm.

But additional of a fun project than an actual statement on injection molding versus 3D printing, this 3D printed injection molding machine is pretty an unexpected way to show how the two technologies can co-exist.
Toson in addition took advantage of this project to show off the power of 3D printing innovation, demonstrating that it is possible to turn it into highly difficult versions via a computer 3D printing device. The developer stressed that right now, the innovation’s largest advantage is that it makes computer making additional accessible to a bigger group of people, enabling people to fully express their creative thoughts without financial restraints.

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