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Indian startup Tymphones launches laser-scanned 3D printed custom headphones – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 19, 2016 | By Alec

But there are several markets that are not at all tapping into the full future of 3D printing, maybe the many conspicuous one of them is the headphone and earbud market. Over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that folks are caning to pay excellent money for high high end and ideally fitting options – and 3D printing and 3D scanning can obviously add a whole new dimension to that concept. Fortunately, a number of startups are may already working on that thought, that include the British company Snugs and Japanese startup Vie Shair. But now a new challenger has appeared in India, where the largely unknown Tymphones have set up a system to 3D scan ears and 3D print custom inner-ear-monitor (IEM) earbuds effectively.
They’re India’s initially custom inner-ear headphone developer, and are based in Bangalore. As they announced to Indian media, they are effectively seeking to add a whole new dimension to the Indian audiophile scene with their custom-fitting 3D printed solutions. Whilst 3D printing and 3D scanning hasn’t precisely taken off commercially in their country, they do have an excellent product that may go all the way. With their laser 3D scanners (licensed of the Atlanta-based United Sciences), they believe they can provide excellent solutions to audiophiles, professionals and musicians in India.

And it does seem like their products have what it takes. They reportedly contribute high levels of comfort, a quite snug fit, and the faculty to block out ambient noise at a level comparable to, say, the Bose QC20. The latter faculty is derived of the ideal fit, that leaves almany no room for exterior noise sources. This, they say, in addition diminishes the require to turn to volume all the way up. “We find a lot of folks suffering of the early stages of hearing loss for the reason they pump up the volume so much to avoid the outside noise, it leads to hearing loss,” said Eobin George of Tymphones.
What’s additional, the company may already has three different types of options in different types of price classes on the market. The basic option is the Debutant, that can be customized in terms of color, case and label (costing Rs. 29,900, or of $450 USD). The following option is the Avancee, that allows for the users to have multiple drivers (quite expensive at Rs. 68,000 or $1020 USD), with the Professional option trumping the rest with pro-tuned drivers, a custom faceplate and hand-crafted 3D artwork. But for Rs. 120,000 (or $1800), you are paying for it.

But for that money, you do get a custom fitting system. But right now only open on invitation-only, it relies heavily on 3D scanning. Their two in-house scanners are already shipped to whatever location where they are requireed, where 3D options of a customer’s ear can be created. Those files can and so be sent to the US for 3D printing. Returned to India, the options are fitted with circuitry and any optional custom cosmetic touches, such as engraving. Right now, the system takes up to a month to deplete.
The thought is that they can some day move the whole system to India and cut down production times to of a week, but so far they have been unable to find enough 3D printing services without a worthwhile margin of error. But, that does not manufacture these headphones any less astounding. They appear excellent, and the 3D printing is reportedly done in biocompatible materials.

What’s additional, they are customizable of head to toe, that include the drivers’ sound signature, the number of drivers and actually the length of the part entering your ear. “Some folks have a quite small ear canal while their outer ears can be big. For them if you have quite long earpieces it may fit on the outside properly but when you are attempting to insert it into the ear, it may injure them,” Eobin explained. “In such cases we reduce the length to manufacture it a lot additional comfortable,” he introduced. They are already via Knowles drivers, but actually they can be tweaked to match the user’s sound preferences.
In short, Tymphones appears to have all the ingredients for an excellent product. If they can become a worthwhile production good results in India, what may stop them of going additional? If you are interested and in India, you can catch them at the Palm Expo in Bombay in May, and get a custom ear scan by yourself.

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