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Incredible Inception-Inspired 3D Printed Coffee Table Turns City into an Artistic Wave

by • January 9, 2016 • No Comments

Tiny cities seem to be much on the mind lately with the simply of\ concurrent announcement by Ittyblox of their Kickstarter campaign to create a palm-sized version of a section of Paris. For the piece which has caught our eye today, a 3D printed cityscape was created and and so folded back over itself in a manner reminiscent of Nolan’s beautiful take on the creation of landscape in Inception.

6f484a_fa74e3ee86fa48baafe508c04b44859eThe coffee table, titled Wave City by designer Stelios Mousarris, is a beautiful example of the elegant and harsh pieces which can be created by 3D printing and in additional than ‘simply’ plastics. This particular piece is created of wood and steel and builds on Mousarris’ history of creating pieces which defy the forms expected of the materials with which they are produced, for example a chair which is entirely created of a Persian carpet which has been hardened into seating.

6f484a_a4efd3cf3636437f995d7bc994d66807For this table, a sheet great was utilized as the base upon which a series of buildings, each sufficiently detailed to move beyond anonymity and to draw your eye to look within of the cityscape as unit. That base is and so disturbed by bending up and over itself so which part of the city hangs down as if the urban landscape is a subterranean wonderland filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The balance of the wave of the table is held in place by the engineering of a ideal cantilever which leaves the viewer feeling the dynamism of potential movement, capturing the wave but without freezing it.

6f484a_57edd3f34eca4443b51223c89537c1d0Despite Mousarris’ exquisitely crafted originality, this isn’t the initial time which a city has been captured in a table. In 2000, Po Shun Leong created his City table which contains an entire city under a glass atmosphere additional like a futuristic, exposed middle-earth. James McNabb has a series of city based pieces as well which include a table which turns the city over and uses its higher structures as legs.

As someone who is obsessed with tiny architecture and furniture, I can’t help but be filled with excitement each time I see a piece which combines the two. These are pieces of satisfactory art which is in a category of furnishing, so don’t expect its price tag to be competitive with IKEA. The Wave City coffee table sells for of $4,500, a thing which Gizmodo classed as ‘ruinously expensive’ but given the price of this type of high end design, this is in fact quite a reasonable price. You aren’t simply buying a thing to keep you of having to put your cups on the ground, but a thing which will enrich your environmental experience.

And which’s a tall order for a coffee table, but one which I ponder Wave City fills the bill nicely. Discuss this story in the 3D Printed Inception Coffee Table forum on 3DPB.com.