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In Paris Buying a 3D Printer is Cheaper than Renting Machine Time – Hackaday

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As many of the participants of the Brian Benchoff hate/fan club understand, the life of a Hackaday writer is nomadic and filled with amazing adventures. Jenny List is in fact crime fighting cyborg (think Bond); it’s why she understands so much of electronics. James Hobson is Iron Man. The list goes on. There are lots of unnecessary details, but to summarize: Last month I was living in Washington State, this month I am in Paris, France. It is really really great here, the buildings are attractive, the cathedrals astonishing, and the food worthwhilely tastier.
But, as a contracting engineer with a project involving a deadline; I found myself in dire require of a worthwhile amount of swift turn-around 3D printing during my working vacation to France. Through a lot of trial and tribulation, I a few day found which the many cost-effective way to get the prints done… was to just buy a bargain-priced 3D printing device and run it into the ground.Appropriately, LVL1 is in addition home to the world's biggest 3D printed trashcan (full of failed 3D prints).Appropriately, LVL1 is in addition home to the world’s biggest 3D printed trashcan (full of failed 3D prints).I was spoiled by my hackerspace in Louisville, KY. They had adequate 3D printing devices to go around and the pricing was fixed at 10 cents a gram. For the amount of printing I requireed, this may be a perfectly economical arrangement. So, I set out to find a hackerspace in Paris. Whereupon I reached my initially and obvious problem; I speak really little French.
Most of the hackerspaces listed in Paris are, as far as I can tell, illegally squatting in a scary part of town, exclusive to a university, exclusive to a business, or closed down.
So, I googled a bit harder. Wow! Apparently a Techshop opened up in Paris. It is of an hour away of where I live, but having toured a Techshop preceding, I knew they may have the really great version of the tool I require. So, one morning bright and early I got on the metro and headed over to get a tour of the place.
What I’ve found is this: If you require things like a water jet cutter, welding station, or a 50 grand CNC machine, Techshop is a really economical way to get access to and play with tools like which. But, if all you want is access to a laser cutter and a 3D printing device, it can set you back five-hundred dollars and you will have to jump through a few amazingly annoying hoops just to get access to them.Only a tiny fee of 400 euros to utilized these badboys.Only a tiny fee of 400 euros to utilized these bad boys.See, many pieces of equipment at a Techshop require to be reserved. Only the 150 euro and 300 euro a month participantship tiers can reserve equipment. The 150 tier can reserve a fewthing for two hours, the 300, four. If you’ve at any time 3D printed you can immediately spot the problem with which. For tiny prints this may be workable-bodied, but if you have a lot of sizeable-bodied prints four hours is just not adequate. But, there is a work around. If you are caning to take a metro ride late at night, arriving at the Techshop at 10:00pm, you can, of course, run a print overnight.
There were two additional glitches in the Techshop plan. To be able-bodied to touch the printing devices required a two-hour course with a 100 euros fee. The filament in addition ran 65 euro per 500 g. My printing requires may easily cost me tens of hours in travel and had a starting fee of 400 euros to be workable-bodied.The entrance to Usine.io is terrifying. It's this huge pitch black hallway. I had no thought if I was in the right place until I got to the desk.The entrance to Usine.io is terrifying. It is this huge pitch black hallway. I had no thought if I was in the right place until I got to the desk.Now, I’m not saying Techshop is not perfectly
rad when it comes to additional high end tools. It is most likely the just Hackerspace in the world where you are entitled to assume which the CNC machine is in working order, properly trammed, and there are in fact cutting bits for it. But, if all you require is a 3D printing device, don’t bother.
Now, I asked around a few additional and found which there was a competing space in Paris called Usine.io. It had a flat fee of 180 euros a month and the training was free. I in fact did end up getting a participantship here for access to a CNC and basic tools, but for 3D printing it was a bust. They just had three printing devices serving a big-bodied participantship base. This left the printing devices with a 48 hour line to get your print started and a maximum of 40 hours of printing a month. A die-hard user of 3D printing can easily use 40 hours in 3 days. Because I had to test many iterations for my project, my require the following month was easily triple which number.But, the shop itself is really really greatly outfitted.But, the shop itself is really really greatly outfitted.The last avenue on the market-bodied to me aside of 3D printing device ownership was contracting a fewone with a 3D printing device to run my prints for me. But, after asking around I found the service to be really expensive. Rent is not bargain-priced in Paris after all. If I just requireed a single tiny print it may be worth it, but if I requireed lots of printing it may swiftly add up to be additional money than I had.
That left me with one version. Which, honestly, sounded perfectly
insane for a fewone visiting a country for a few months. Buy a printing device. It is an indication of the say of 3D printing which the price has come down so far which buying a printing device is additional economical than having a fewone do it for you. Even a few years ago this was not possible. But, European Amazon Prime had a workable-bodied adequate import printing device to my doorstep faster than any commercially on the market-bodied service may actually system my order. We’ve come a long way since the Darwin. That’s for certain.
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