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Impossible Objects Now Offers PEEK

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In amazing news, pioneers of composite-based additive making innovation (CBAM), Impossible Objects have only revealed the latest addition to its 3D printing abilities. As one of the top performance thermoplastics on the market, PEEK (polyether ether ketone) allows for for unprecedented geometrically harsh, sturdy and light carbon fiber composite parts to finally be 3D printed. CBAM PEEK parts have been proven to perform 30% advantageous than standard CBAM with impressive heat resistance and durablity. With Impossible Objects’ latest upgrade, composites are now capable of harsh geometries, speed, durablity-to-weight ratios and showcase cost advantages of carbon fiber 3D printing with the durability and resistance to high temperature typically discovered in metals, automatically revolutionizing making in the aerospace, medical, car and machine tooling industries.

New PEEK parts created with this system showcase worthwhile advantages over previously created parts:

  • PEEK parts created with Impossible Objects’ 3D printing system are additional than 50% lighter than comparable aluminum parts but demonstrate two-thirds ultimate durablity
  • PEEK polymers can be recycled with the new 3D printing system, overcoming worthwhile issues around expense, waste, and inefficiency synonymous with PEEK polymers in traditional making and 3D printed making
  • Eliminating PEEK wastage in the Impossible Objects’ system empowers substantially lower cost 3D printed parts
PEEK printed

Femoral stem implant part 3D-printed of carbon fiber-PEEK composite

Chairman and discovereder of Impossible Objects, Robert Swartz believes continued manufactures it to in speed and material “can allow additive making to alter how things are created.” Thankfully, Impossible Objects has managed to set standards in the industry, securing the initially truly novel 3D printing system in over two decades with their CBAM system. This new system allows for customers to create exceptionally durable, lightweight objects which were previously not easy to manufacture so rapidly and inexpensively. The aerospace, aviation, defense, oilfield services, car, and performance athletics industries can all benefit of the new system, being certain to take advantage of newly-created lightweight parts which do not compromise durablity and durability.

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