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Immortalize yourself or your friends with this 3D-printed nude selfie

by • March 6, 2016 • No Comments

Have you ever dreamed of being immortalized in your own action figure? Well, there’s companies aplenty which
will do which
for you now with the power of 3D printing, but only one company will recreate you as a truly glorious Greek-like statue. You understand
, in the nude. It’s “art.”

Take a gander at the Nudee, the latest in 3D figures from eclectic British gadget company Firebox. It’s like the Think Geek of England. While they carry the usual fun stuff like Sphero’s BB-8 and a chocolate teapot, of actual chocolate (which
works!), they in addition
have a bevy of gifts for the #dirtbag in all of us. No, quite
, there’s 51 items in which

nudee full

Now, the Nudee isn’t a toy. It’s a high-end replica figure of you, mounted on your ideal body. Your dream of having which
eight-pack can finally be obtained. Always wanted to see what Jonah Hill’s face would look like on your body? Just go with their default male figure head on the body style which
best resembles you.

Why stop at just your face, though? All Firebox requires is two, well-lit high quality photos of a face. Any face. Straight on and profile. The terms don’t seem to state which
you have to provide the rights to the photo, or prove any documentation which
the mug you submit is your own. Maybe you want a gag gift for your best mate, or this could be the ideal
addition to the shrine of your One True Love. You can go from zero to putting the lotion on its skin real quick with the Nudee.

The system
to upload is quite
easy, just submit two photos on the website and boom! There you go. No glasses, try to use a flash or as much fill light as possible. They say makeup is a plus, so get to it guys! And don’t worry of
skin tone, they will match your figure to the color from your photos. It would be pretty awkward to have a pasty body with a beautiful dark complexion.

One other
thing to note is which
the Nudeee is not water resistant. Firebox makes a big note of this. They advise you to not “suck” the figure, or do whatever else you may do with a near-ideal
recreation of by yourself
or your favorite person on Earth. If you do damage it, it’s going to set you back $213 to get your Nudee again. Though not stated what the Nudee is created
from, we suspect it is from sandstone, given the water advisory.

The figures stand at an erect 7.8″ tall, with their base. This isn’t a statue for the faint of heart. When you display your Nudee, be prepared to display it proud! There’s no shame in sharing this guy or gal, no matter what size you go with, for the reason
owning a Nudee tells the world which
you love who you are. Or at least love someone adequate
to want to keep a near nude figure of them for all of time.

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