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As 3D printing equipment and 3D scanners improve at a rapid pace, simultaneously being adopted at a rapid pace due to dropping prices, it can become at any time simpler to seamlessly transmit objects to and of the digital and physical worlds. A precision 3D scanner can capture the details of a physical object for digital use, while a 3D printing device can reproduce a digital object physically. As a outcome, the physical and digital worlds start to merge.

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One firm is hoping to be a leader player in this emerging digical reality. Already selling a number of 3D printing equipment and 3D scanners in their stores, iMakr is now hosting an official digical-themed event and 3DPI can be there as a media partner. The DIGICAL Show, to take place September 30 – October 1, 2016 in Central London, can commence visitors to this concept with a number of speakers and exhibitors dedicated to 3D scanning, 3D create, and 3D printing technologies.

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At the event, attendant
s can not just have the opportunity to see a wide variety of computer 3D printing equipment, but they can be treated to presentations of major innovators in the field, as well as good results stories of 3D createers, Makers, and creatives which have taken to this new digical reality. In addition at the DIGICAL Show, attendant
s can experience face and object scanning performed by handheld and computer 3D scanners, demonstrations of 3D create software, and new 3D printing materials, which include exotic filaments and castable resins.

For professionals, enthusiasts, and educators alike, the DIGICAL Show can most likely be an unforgettable event for all in attendance. From now until June, early registration for the event is free, just increasing to £10 per attendant
and £15 at the door of July on. Register for your spot at the event here.

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