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South Carolina-based ZVerse has rapidly risen in status in the 3D printing industry since we initially covered them in 2014. With a robust portfolio of licensed sports memorabilia, the company was soon earning over $1 million in revenue through the use of their LAYR™ software, capable of transforming 2D images to full-color, 3D printable models with ease. By last summer, ZVerse had obtained $3.5 million in funding and had may already been an significant member in a partnership with Source3 and Capcom. In what may be their largest move yet, in modern times, ZVerse revealed a non-exclusive software reseller agreement with Japanese tech giant Konica Minolta.

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The agreement can see Konica Minolta’s sales force sell access to ZVerse LAYR™, the firm’s 2D-to-3D content creation platform. LAYR is an attractive solution for built brands given the facility with which existing assets can be turn it intod into 3D models, which are and so 3D printed in fully color via 3D Systems’ ColorJet Printing innovation. More or less automatically, a brand can turn it into a wide range of products without the obstacles posed by true 3D modeling.

zverse layr 3D printing software

John Carrington, ZVerse CEO, elaborates, “The largest challenge to widespread adoption of 3D printing, is which you require a 3D file. And creating these files can be a quite inefficient and expensive system. We created the ZVerse LAYR™ platform to solve the challenge of 3D printable content creation. ZVerse LAYR™ is a turnkey suite of software applications which manufacture any 2D content 3D printable. Simply put, We 3D 2D.”

Carrington in addition spoke to how the new agreement with the Japanese leader expands its existing customer base, which may already comes with commercial printing device companies, as well as global marketing agencies, architects, engineers, and educational institutions. He says, “The Konica Minolta partnership can extend our reach in mature markets startning with 300 print production specialists who can be offering the solution to their customers in North America. We are quite excited of this partnership which supports our undertaking to manufacture all 2D content 3D printable.”


Gavin Jordan-Smith, Vice President of Solutions and Production Planning at Konica Minolta, too gave his input on the deal, by saying, “We are quite excited of this partnership. We are may already that successfully selling a line of 3D printing devices, but the ZVerse LAYR™ platform takes the opportunity to an entirely new level. We are bundling ZVerse services with a 3D printing device, or alternatively, we are selling the services platform and sales training to enable them to enter the market without an equipment investment. It is a key strategic partnership for us.”

Konica Minolta can start offering ZVerse LAYR™ software in the 2nd quarter of this year. Not just does this demonstrate the expanding popularity of ZVerse’s own platform, but it in addition represents the increased investment of Konica Minolta in 3D printing. They initially began reselling 3D Systems’ CJP innovation in 2014, so throwing LAYR software into a box is pretty a reasonable conclusion.

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