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Ilios updates their Ilios 3D Suite

by • May 9, 2016 • No Comments

Ilios 3D is proud to present the latest update for their Ilios 3D Suite with many additions and improvements. Based on user feedback and requests new functions were created and implemented which manufacture printing actually easyr and much additional refined than preceding.

Projection Calibration

This topic has been discussed so many times which i actually lost count of all the E-mails and requests for it. All DLP projectors have lenses and in many cases unless the projector was created specifically for a certain task, those lenses are optimized for distant projections on a wall, where deformation is calibrated to be minimal. In the 3D printing applications yet this produces problems since the projectors are commjust quite close to the create area and the image begins to distort if the lens was created for wide angles.

In our case we want the many resolution and the biggest area for createing versions and sometimes one can affect the other dramatically. If you move the projector too close and so the image can generate a “Barrel” effect and there is quite little you can do of it unless various optics are utilized or the version is adjusted to compensate for this in advance.

Since this is such a big deal, Ilios took upon them to create the tools to correct this error through software, so quite little is needd of the user to deplete the most outcomes. Now you can calibrate the projected layer shape without resorting to hard solutions directly of the Ilios 3D Suite. You can adjust the Alignment, shape and many significantly “Barrel” distortions which can affect each and equite layer during the create system.

These settings can in addition be saved and loaded on demand so you can have predefined sets of parameters for any donaten situation. The showcase has been requested by many and is one of the many significant functions and abilities for printing with a DLP projector.

Support Brightness

Creating assists for a version is a quite easy system in Ilios 3D Suite, yet sometimes the assists can be located in quite strange places and can be actually close to significant version showcases which are advantageous left alone. After a lot of createment Ilios is pleased to say which now you can adjust the brightness of the assist structures separately of the main version, thus exposing these areas for less time and creating weaker structures which can be removed easily.

Feel free to play around with the assist brightness settings preceding your print, to deplete the optimal outcome since for each projector and resin the settings may alter. General rule of thumb is which the intensity in many cases does not need to have dramatic differences of the main structure. Make tiny adjustments for each print so you do not have problems during a assist creation and dim the intensity just adequate to do what you need.

Platform unification & Shape

It is significant to say which almany all versions printed through DLP projections or generally through SLA may need assisting platforms on which they can reside during a print. A platform is what adheres the entire version to the lift and is significant while printing since the version has to remain firmly on the lift during a print to deplete the most outcome.

The shape of the platform in addition plays a big role in its adhesion as well as in its detachment after the print is deplete. When all the print parameters are considered, the platform of a single or multiple versions may become a hard structure which may take time to ideal for optimal outcomes. This is why Ilios created the effort and introduced automated platform creation and unification which in addition can be rounded and thickened based on your needs. The whole system is automated and just uses few slide bars to deplete an optimal outcome. This is unquestionably going to manufacture your life a lot easyr and donate you the aptitude to concentrate additional on the print pretty than its preparation.

Ilios 3D Suite is on the market at ilios3d.com

For a additional detailed report on the additions manufacture certain to check out their Forum, where they describe all the fixes, additions and improvements in a additional detailed manner.


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