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Ilios Beam 3D Printer Begins Shipping, is Already Selling Like Crazy

by • July 27, 2016 • No Comments

main-shot1When you are excited of a newly added 3D printing device, waiting for its official release can feel interminable, particularly if you are planning to order one. When it finally starts shipping, it’s like Christmas – well, the day it arrives is many likely additional like Christmas, but yet, it’s amazing when a long-anticipated 3D printing device finally hits the market. In April, Ilios 3D added their new Ilios Beam 3D printing device, and at firstly they were being rather secretive of it, not actually releasing photos until it was set to start shipping. Regardless, it’s may already become really talked about .

According to Demetris Ruslan Zavorotnitsienko, CEO and Lead Developer of Ilios 3D, the Beam is now shipping and the company is may already scrambling to store up with orders. At a price of only €2486, it’s significantly less expensive than the Ilios Ray, on which it was based. The Beam is fundamentally only a smaller in size edition of the Ray, a one-of-a-kind multicolor SLA 3D printing device added in 2014. It is of the closest thing I’ve seen to a “laptop” 3D printing device, and it actually folds up so which it can be carried like a briefcase. When folded, its size are only 34 x 48 x 11 cm.

The specifications of the printing device have alterd a bit since it was originally revealed, as is common with printing devices in development. There’s not much difference, yet – the create volume, at 170 x 275 x 184 mm, is slightly smaller in size than the first 200 x 290 x 200 mm, but which’s not too much of a alter. Minimum layer thickness has unquestionably gotten lower, at 6-12 microns as opposed to 24-50.


The Beam folded up

“Since we are drawing equite layer with an X-Y based laser process, there is no worry of deformation of the projected layer as it may be with a DLP 3D printing device and the create area can be as sizeable as needed without compromising Laser Dot shape,” Ilios 3D states. “Due to the low price, we did not implement any automated material deliquite process on Ilios Beam, yet adding the resin is quite easy as it is an open construction and quite accessible.”

Side1-ViewI may argue which the open resin process is one of the Beam’s many gorgeous showcases, as you can use any brand of resin you desire. With four resin cartridges, equite capable of printing in a various color, which gives you a lot of freedom – particularly as you can mix resins and experiment with new shades. It is the painter’s 3D printing device, you can say.

The aluminum Ilios Beam comes pre-assembled, with the newest editions of the Ilios Control Unit and the Ilios UI. The Ilios 3D Suite software has in addition been not long ago upgraded. You can print directly of your PC or via USB drive or SD card, but it in addition offers remote monitoring and control via Web interface.

To learn additional and order the Ilios Beam, go here. Below you can see a video of the Beam in action – you may notice which there’s no resin, but according to Zavorotnitsienko, the company has may already had to ship out all of their demo units, as well as the prototype, due to the high demand for the printing device. My first comment which the printing device is may already “really talked about ” may have been an understatement. But, you can get a appear at the mechanics of it at a lower place. Discuss additional in the Ilios Beam 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.