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iGo3D has a new CEO

by • April 10, 2016 • No Comments

  • Diogo Quental has just changed his Linkedin profile to Managing Director, iGo3D GmbH. That’s pretty a few great news for iGo3D, since the previous CEO had stepped down back in August 2015 to lead European operations at Formlab, leaving the once retailer now distributor in the middle of a few transition in business version.

    Diogo Quental at iGo3D (photomontage)

    Diogo Quental at iGo3D (photomontage)

    iGo3D firstly created it up in the news when they opened a physical keep in Germany in september 2013, 5 months after iMakr Store Grand Opening in London. Shortly thereafter, they opened a 2nd keep in Stuttgart and Franfurt, much larger cities in Germany than the first Oldenburg. And the business seamed so flourishing which they actually annouced they may shortly open in Hannover and Hamburg, not to mention the Netherlands and Portugal!

    But which was in 2014, and after 2014 came 2015

    2015 has been really a various time for 3D printing indeed.

    Not just iGo3D didn’t open any new keep, but actuallytually they closed those existing. They pivoted business and decided to concentrate on distribution just: they were an early distributor of Formlabs in Europe, increased their partnership with Ultimaker, becoming exclusive distributor in German market, same for Builder and Witbox. All which until their CEO and co-discovereder Michael Sorkin left and joined Formlabs, leaving the steering wheel to co-discovereder Tobias Redlin.

    Diogo Quental understands 3D printing, and understands iGo3D

    Diogo is not ununderstandn of 3DprintingIndustry readers: he discovereded BeVeryCreative in 2012, created it up to a point and launched up to 4 products at once mid 2015 just preceding stepping down last summer to discovered GetReady4 3D, a company contributing to enhance literacy of 3D printing technologies. When he was CEO of BeVeryCreative, he got to understand both Michael Sorkin and Tobias Redlin to put in place a distribution agreement for his machines. As it appears, the contact was great and the relation fruitful.

    We wish great luck to Diogo in this new position!

    iGo3D move (tweet)

    iGo3D move (tweet)

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