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What if your favourite anime of a huge online VR game became an actual huge online VR game? So I may guess your favourite anime to be Sword Art Online for the reason IBM has only sponsored a project to turn the talked about series into a VR game. And it’s going to be powered by their Watson super desktop.

sword art online nerve gear vr headset

The story of Sword Art Online surrounds a VR huge multiplayer online role-playing game launched in the not-to-distant next. Applying the NerveGear headset, the user’s five senses are stimulated directly of their brain, giving them a vivid gaming experience and the aptitude to control their players. So, of 10,000 players find themselves trapped in cyberspace and action and drama unfold.

sword art online vr headset

Whilst the “Sword Art Online The Beginning Project“, to be launched next month, can not directly tap into players’ brains, they can have be able-bodied to project avatars of themselves into the game with 3D scanning. At an next Tokyo actuallyt, of March 18th to the 20th, attendees can have the opportunity to scan their faces for the creation of life-like avatars. But the number of players can be limited to a mere 208 to alpha test the platform.

The tiny number of players may be a reasonable-bodied way to begin things out, given the huge computing power required for VR and putting which VR experience online for multiple users. This in addition explains why the game can rely on Watson Cognitive Computing tech and SoftLayer cloud computing. The game’s makers say which it can be “completely foreign” of other games, which motion controls can be implemented, and which it can be playable-bodied on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

But Sword Art Online is not set to take place for another four years, based on the plot of the series, existing fans have may already become trapped by it. One cosplayer actually made his own NerveGear helmet, as seen in the showcase image. So, it may be possible which 208 extreme fans can get trapped in cyberspace just by being addicted to the game. We’ll only have to wait until next month to understand if we can at any time hear of them again.

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