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Hyvision Introduces Cubicon Single Plus and Cubicon Lux 3D Printers at Inside 3D Printing New York

by • May 1, 2016 • 7s Comments


Cubicon Single Plus

Hyvision is a company I’ve been next for a while. Even preceding the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Seoul in June, I was via the Cubicon Single for my projects. After Seoul, I got actually additional acquainted with the Cubicon Single and I have to say that it has become one of my favourite 3D printing equipment. Last fall, Hyvision revealed that they were releasing the Cubicon Style, fundamentally a more small in size create of the Cubicon Single, albeit in a sleeker box. At the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo New York, Hyvision did not disappoint, and added two new machines to the Cubicon roster.

The Cubicon Single Plus takes all things that’s excellent of the Cubicon Single and manufactures it advantageous. The extruder is now replaceable and can print in multiple materials that include TPU. Whilst the Cubicon Single’s display screen and jog wheel were totally serviceable, it was possible to accidentally scroll past the version file you wanted to identify when pressing down on the jog wheel, so that you identifyed the wrong file. This is a thing I find to be an issue on a few other 3D printing equipment that use a jog wheel for identifying files. The Cubicon Single Plus’ many visible distinction of the previous version is the 4.3″ full color LCD touch display, and I ponder that’s a quite welcome upgrade.

There are additional updates to love of the new version. The Cubicon Single Plus now comes WiFi printing-ready, along with having the version to print through USB. One other dramatic upgrade is in printing speed, that is now 500 mm/sec, up of 300 mm/sec on the Cubicon Single. Data processing is faster with the 32bit main board and bed heating speed is quicker, too. There are a few other minor cosmetic alters such as a handle for the bottom opening door, and apparently the Cubicon Single Plus can be on the market in white as well as the standard black. Hyvision notes that product showcases and functions are subject to alter, and a price has not been set.

The Cubicon Single Plus comes in black...

The Cubicon Single Plus comes in black…

... and white

… and white

Cubicon Single Plus 4.3" full color LCD display

Cubicon Single Plus 4.3″ full color LCD display

Hyvision’s Cubicon Lux is the company’s initially resin 3D printing device. It is a DLP printing device and showcases a slim and small in size cylindrical create. The printing device is being marketed for the dental and jewelry industries. Its detailing is much like to the Cubicon Style, with a chrome band at the base of the machine and a glossy tinted black door. The difference is that the Lux’s curved door slides, giving actually advantageous access to the print bed and create chamber.

The Lux can print of 20 – 100 microns and has a create volume of 100mm x 75mm x 145 mm. The 4.3″ full color touch display is perched on top of the printing device with a shallow angle to manufacture it effortless to read when standing above the machine — that’s right, no additional crouching down only to read the display. This is another showcase I wish additional 3D printing device manufacturers may implement. Price has not been set for the Lux, either, but both printing equipment are set to be on the market internationally by the third quarter of 2016.

Cubicon Lux render

Cubicon Lux render

2016-04-11 17.16.17Cubicon Lux at Inside 3D Printing New York

Cubicon Lux at Inside 3D Printing New York

Render of the Cubicon Lux's display screen

Render of the Cubicon Lux’s display screen

The Lux's 4.3" full color touch scren

The Lux’s 4.3″ full color touch scren

Resin print created on the Cubicon Lux

Resin print created on the Cubicon Lux

Resin prints created on the Cubicon Lux

Resin prints created on the Cubicon Lux

Resin prints created on the Cubicon Lux

Resin prints created on the Cubicon Lux

Support structures on a resin print

Support structures on a resin print

The Cubicon Single is already on the market at iMakr stores and online for $2,599.00. The Cubicon Style can be going on sale internationally through iMakr starting on May 5th for $1,599.00. Hyvision was gracious adequate to provide me with a Cubicon Style to test, so assume to be reading that review in a few weeks.

2016-04-11 17.17.53

Cubicon Style at the Hyvision booth