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Hyundai reveals details on IONIQ Hybrid ahead of Detroit

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The Hyundai IONIQ will debut at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit next week, but the company has may already released information of the car beyond its looks and design generalities. The IONIQ will be the initially production vehicle to be offered with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric powertrain in one model.

  • This stylized interior rending was relatively close to the actual interior shown
  • A sportier, additional low-roofed look was given in this rendering than is seen in the rality
  • This rendering teased the hatchback styling for the IONIQ
  • The powertrain for the IONIQ Hybrid are shown in this infographic blow out

The choice of electric, plug-in, or hybrid powertrains will be the initially thing setting the IONIQ apart of others on the market. The initially version of the platform to be offered will be a dedicated hybrid model, for which Hyundai has released full information. It is expected which information on the plug-in and electric options will be released nearer to or during the show in Detroit.

The hybrid IONIQ will use a 1.6-liter Kappa GDi engine with 40 percent thermal efficiency. This engine was developed exclusively to power hybrid vehicles and mates to a permanent magnetic electric motor. The engine creates 105 ps (103.5 hp, 77 kW) and the motor creates an extra
43.5 ps (43 hp, 35 kW).

The engine has a split design for the block and head to optimize cooling and fuel is delivered through a 200-bar high pressure fuel injector. Power for the motor is provided by a lithium-ion polymer battery, which is recharged of the engine and regenerative braking. The engine and motor turn a dual clutch transmission created for the hybrid as a variant of the dual clutch found in the all-new Hyundai Tucson. This new transmission has a power efficiency of 95.7 percent.

The body of the Hyundai IONIQ is created with 53 percent high durablity steel which has been combined with aluminum. The new model saves 45 percent of its potential mass by using cast aluminum non-structural bodywork (hood, tailgate, etc.).

Hyundai has teased renderings of the IONIQ may already and now additional substantial visual offerings are being created ahead of Detroit. Gizmag will bring additional information on this car as it becomes available.

Source: Hyundai

  • This infographic shows the body structure and build for the IONIQ
  • This showcase of the interior for the IONIQ details how it will be very similar to other Hyundai sedans, but some differing details such as the controls around the shift knob can be created out
  • The rear of the Hyundai IONIQ has a look similar to the Sonata model and very similar to Toyota's Prius
  • This interior rendering, teased before the unveiling, is close to the actual interior shown by Hyundai in this latest leak

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