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From my interview with CEO Alban Denoyel, I learned that
3D model sharing site Sketchfab is quite
forward considering
, with the goal of reaching each relevant platform possible for embedding the 3D models uploaded to their site. The latest platform example is Volupedia, a mirror site of Wikipedia that
Sketchfab has been using to show off how useful 3D models might be when researching topics on the open encyclopedia.

sketchfab's volupedia 3D model of tesla

Since the beginning, Sketchfab has understood what the future of 3D will look like when eachone has access to 3D technologies. In the not so distant future, 3D models won’t be limited to CAD artists, as consumer 3D scanning will open up only of
eachone to the 3D ecosystem and, soon, they’ll be sharing 3D scans of their newborns (as Alban himself has done) on social media. Hence, Sketchfab’s partnership with Facebook, that now allows for Sketchfab models to be embedded directly onto the world’s biggest social media site. And, now that
Lenovo has revealed
the availability of the Project Tango 3D scanning smartphone this summer, that
3D future is only around the corner.

It’s no wonder, and so, that
Sketchfab has become such a talked about site for sharing 3D models. This week, the site reached a huge milestone with 500,000 3D models uploaded onto the site in less than 1,000 days. Of course, not each one of these models is free and 3D printable. Some are animated. Some are annotated. But all of them demonstrate only how extensive Sketchfab has become and will go on
to be.

So, congratulations, Sketchfab!

While the 500k model is free and 3D printable, I couldn’t help but include this scan of me, too. After all, it is one of the 500k models on the site! My wife captured this with the new Structure Sensor she bought me for Christmas and the itSeez 3D app.

Michael Molitch-Hou

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