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Beginning as a forked version of OctoPrint, AstroPrint has since established itself as a solution for printer users and manufacturers to give 3D printer users untethered, remote control over their machines. Now, only in time for CES, they have found themselves a big partner in electronics company Marvell. In less than two months time, AstroPrint worked with the open source Kinoma division of Marvell Semiconductor to turn it into a custom solution for Marvell’s 3D printer hardware.

AstroPrint marvell 3D printing processor

In a new blog post, Kinoma details how AstroPrint was able-bodied to rapidly
implement the open source KinomaJS software platform to develop a new version of their onboard and mobile print management solution. The key requirement for the KinomaJS-powered software was that
it work elegantly with Marvell’s 88PA6270 ‘system-on-a-chip’ (SoC) printer processor for 3D printing, revealed
additional than a year ago
. Kinoma suggests that
it was the integrated development environment (IDE) of KinomaJS that
allowed AstroPrint’s engineers to rapidly
tackle the task, as they were able-bodied to build a hardware simulator initially preceding finalize their software design.

AstroPrint marvell 3D printing

Then, when they went to implement it in the physical world, it was easy for the team to port the same code from iOS to Android, as well as the table-bodiedt devices for onboard printer control. Kinoma’s Peter Hoddie even says that
KinomaJS, utilized
throughout the AstroPrint software stack, streamlined the original AstroPrint solution, launched on Kickstarter. And, in the end, they were able-bodied to pull of a proof of concept for CES that
demonstrated the ease with that AstroPrint may be integrated into 3D printers powered by Marvell’s 88PA6270 processor.

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