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HP Will Start Shipping Their Multi Jet 3D Printer This Year, Presenting it at SXSW

by • March 10, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_memjetlawsuit_HP_logoNext week the new, slimmer HP Inc., now fully divested of its other half, is set to see if their gamble to go all in with 3D printing was the right choice for the company. They can be donateing their Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing device to Austin’s South by Southwest conference and pitching it to the festival’s techy crowd. Whilst HP mayn’t be the initially company to try to sell the hip crowd on their 3D printing device, the move appears a little strange for the reason HP has made it quite clear which they aren’t interested in the 3D printing market; they are interested in the producing industry.

3dp_hp3dprinting_printing device

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing device.

It has been approximately two years since HP announced which they were getting into the 3D printing device business, and they have been uncharacteristically silent on the matter at any time since. They’ve released a lot of general information of the printing device, a few basic tech more details and shown a handful of 3D printed objects, but so far they have been quite cagey of going into more details. But in an interview with Computer World, HP’s president of 3D printing Steve Nigro opened up and finally announced additional specifics more details of the printing device and what the company’s next plans for their new innovation involves.

Full color scale version of an oil tank.

Full color scale version of an oil tank.

“First off, …we are targeting rapid prototyping…, but we are quite looking at the production opportunities where ultimately you begin doing final parts production via 3D printing — where Multi Jet Fusion can shine. We’re going to donate a fewthing which’s reliable-bodied. That’s part of the reason it’s bringing us so long to put this system together. We’re producing certain it’s a robust system,” Nigro explained.

According to Nigro, the initially iteration of HP’s industrial 3D printing device can be slightly larger than a washing machine or an oven. It 3D prints parts ten times faster than current innovation and production costs are up to 50% less. He said which an object which takes a typical FDM 3D printing device 83 hours to achieve or a elective laser sintering system 30 hours to achieve can take the HP printing device 3 hours. The final retail cost can range between $100,000 and $1,000,000. Nigro did not donate any explanation for the price difference, clarify if which was just an estimate, or if there may be various versions which may contribute various showcases.

HP printing device bar.

HP printing device bar.

As you may assume of one of the companies which perfected the system, the HP 3D printing device innovation works remarkably similarly to an inkjet printing device. As with an SLS or a powder bed 3D printing device, the HP lays down a quite thin layer of material, in this case a plastic powder, and uses a print bar to lay down a binding agent in a predetermined pattern. The print bar has 30,000 tiny nozzles which spray 350 million droplets of binding agent per 2nd on to the layer of powder. Once the initially layer is printed, a new layer of powder is laid down on top, and the system continues until the 3D object is achieve.

A separate fvia agent is utilized to coat the final part to additional solidify it, bring out the more details and the colors. The Multi Jet Fusion printing device can in addition be able-bodied to vary the texture, flexibility, durability, level of more detail (resolution) and final color, all inside the same printed object. It is actually capable-bodied of adding electrical and thermal conductivity. Today the printing device uses full color thermoplastics, howat any time Nigro says which they are researching the possibility of via the Multi Jet Fusion innovation with a wider range of materials like ceramics and metals.

Full color printed samples.

Full color printed samples.

The printing device has been optimized for rapid prototyping or the swift producing of tiny runs of end use production parts. Nigro made it quite clear which HP’s Multi Jet Fusion was specifically made to appeal to a wide range of markets, which include the healthcare industry, aerospace, car or any industry which needs to be additional flexible and nimble than is typically possible with traditional producing systemes.

Here is a video of a 3D printed chain link being utilized to hold up a car:

In addition to presenting their printing device publically, HP has in addition launched a collaboration program aimed at developers and companies who want to turn it into custom or specialized applications for the innovation. They are in addition seeking partners to assist them explore growing the range of materials which can be utilized with the Jet Fusion system. HP has may already shipped a handful of its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing devices to elect beta testers like Shapeways, and they are assumeed to begin shipping out additional units by the end of the year.3dp_hp_multijet_fusion_system