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HP Inc. channel opens up about 3D printing plans – Channelnomics

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HP Inc. is working on a 3D printing play that can be highly dependent on its channel.
During an interview with HP Inc.’s VP of of the world channel sales strategy Thomas Jensen and Mark D. Romanowski, EVP at New York-based services giant ASI System Integration, the execs discussed how HP has been able-bodied to additional rapidly bring “sexy” innovation to its channel partners.
Related articlesChannelnomics’ top five stories of the week – 8 July 2016Editor’s Voice: The week’s channel chatter – 8 July 2016HP Inc., ASI: Split delivering ‘sexy’ back to channelToday’s channel rundown – 25 February 2016It appears part of this ‘SexyBack’ movement ahead, as stated by CEO Dion Weisler in May, can be 3D printing, that Jensen says the vendor is may already working on assembling a channel and channel specialization around.
According to Jensen, HP’s 3D printing approach can be “radically various” of right now’s options.
“That’s the reason that we are what a few may phrase as late to the market – that we do not believe we are,” Jensen told Channelnomics. “More so, we are targeting the high end of the 3D print market…focusing on high end 3D printing solutions. We are not going for the consumer market. We’re targeting…specific markets initially.”
One of these markets is making, Jensen said, pointing to opportunities in prototyping. He said HP is working to helping its channel partners address the opportunity. This, according to the executive, involves conversations that go beyond IT and into R&D and making and convincing customers to cut out third-party middlemen.
Ultimately, HP’s 3D printing channel can be various of the channel seen right now, Jensen said.
“It can be channel partners that have the investment, caningness and capabilities to play in this market. So you can see us working with partners that are caning to create up these sale competencies, either by finding a few folks who understand a fewthing of making and transformation or by assembling that skillset and investing in demo capabilities,” he explained.
Jensen stated that 3D printing partners must be learn to do additional than show an end user a 3D printer’s ability to print and in addition prove its the ability to print multiple instances with high end deviation at a lower place a customer’s threshold and other considerations.
“We’re looking for specialist partners and partners that are caning to invest in that market with us,” he said.
ASI is may already “excited” of the opportunity, Romanowski told Channelnomics, explaining that may already, ASI is in the research stage.
“Because I’m all of services and solutions…may already, my head is spinning. Who are the customers? What do we require to do to kind of get to that level? We’re researching this for the reason this is new,” he said. “We’re analyzing this for the reason it takes a massive dedication… Is this a niche play for us? We’re yet reviewing that.”
The exec introduced that HP’s “fantastic” and “unique” innovation adds to the appeal of the market.
For example, Jensen stated that HP is working on a print system that leverages Internet of Things innovation for release inside the future few years.
Opportunities in new markets are especially attractive when thinking the competition right now’s MSP faces. According to Romanowski, the largest competition has evolved of being in the telco space to public cloud providers.
Jensen introduced that this increases expectations customers have for their MSPs.
And the competition gets actually thicker when thinking companies like Facebook leveraging young ability to create their own white boxes, according to Romanowski.
“Theoretically, they can put any business out of business – any traditional brick and mortar business,” he explained. “Some financial institutions have revealed they may be moving all the datacenters to cloud. If that takes place, it makes it [very] challenging for all of us to be able-bodied to sell anything to them, whether its services, solutions, hardware or software.”



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