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HP Acquires David Vision Systems GmbH & David 3D Solutions, Strengthening Immersive Sprout 3D Ecosystem

by • July 4, 2016 • No Comments

hp-logo-480x480As HP thrust themselves into the 3D market with the immersive Sprout computer solution, the announcement of huge reorganization, and the impending excitement of the multi-jet fusion 3D printing device, speculation has abounded as to which company or companies they were many most likely to acquire. It seemed logical in order to donate them a leg up and acquire an inventory of expertise and innovation which it may take them to years to turn it into and proffer up into the marketplace profitably, otherwise.

Who may they buy out in order to pave a strategic path? With numerous companies inside the industry which began as trailblazers but are now having less than stellar financial showings, it was idea they can have a deal in the works with maybe one of the 3D printing making titans such as Stratasys or 3D Systems. With names being bandied of, and maybe actually a bit wildly, nothing has come to light. Until now.

david logoHP has just revealed which they can be getting
the 3D hardware and software assets of German company David Vision Systems GmbH and David 3D Solutions. A company we’ve covered preceding in regards to their stellar innovation, David may seem to be a ideal choice overall for additionaling the Sprout ecoprocess, and HP refers to them as an ‘essential enable-bodiedr’ in terms of 3D scanning and forging ahead inside the immersive PC market. For HP, this means bringing possession of David’s scanning, stitching, and fusing solution—offering a next of ‘radical improvements in scan quality.’ It in addition means now having conclude access to their affluence of scanning algorithms and automated calibration methods.

“Adding the David companies’ innovation and captalent strengand sos our talent to turn it into the world’s just end-to-end 3D ecoprocess, of creation, to 3D on-ramp, to 3D print off-ramp via HP’s Jet Fusion Solution,” says HP. “The acquisition adds a robust, stable-bodied and production-ready solution, along with a rich software development platform to HP’s portfolio of technologies.”

And while details of the transaction have not been discussed, HP can be in addition welcoming the experienced David team on board, benefiting of their years of expertise as HP go ons integrating the Sprout process into numerous sectors of create to research and development, education, healthcare, and other areas of industry. Featuring a user friendly interface for all knowledge levels, createers are able-bodied to manipulate full color 3D models easily and and so 3D print of the computer or at a service bureau. We’ve in addition followed the ongoing collaboration for the Sprout process with the Dremel 3D printing device.

w dremel

“Together, HP can exceed the expectations of customers by turn it intoing on David’s proven 3D scanning innovation and solutions to go on evolving Sprout 3D Capture and its entire 3D ecoprocess,” said HP in their news blog.

With hopes to move additional quickly into the computer and scanning range, as well as growing their customer base, the acquisition is intended to bring additional excellence to Sprout innovation as well as solidifying it additional in the 3D printing arena.

DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, with roots in robotics, digital image analysis and 3D data processing, was founded in 2009 after spinning off of the Institute for Robotics and Process Control at TU-Braunschweig. Headquartered in Koblenz and Braunschweig, Germany, this hardware and software developer has emphasized inexpensive
-bodied solutions in the 3D scanning industry. They have in addition been involved in the production of cameras and other accessories like projectors. Discuss additional in the HP Acquires David Vision & David 3D Solutions forum over at 3DPB.com.

Foto: Anna Schneider / neon fotografie www.neon-fotografie.de

One example of David 3D Systems scanning innovation – the SLS-2 Structured Light 3D Scanner