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How Victoria the goose got her groove back

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Equiteone loves a great story which brings animals and 3D printing together. Victoria the goose’s story plays like a movie: it has had its ups and downs, but has a pleased ending.

Victoria the goose

Victoria was discovered in late 2015 along the São Paulo coastline missing the majority of her beak. She and so became the firstly goose to obtain a 3D printed beak, thanks to Friends of the Sea who contacted the Animal Avengers in Brazil. The team is comprised of four vets, a dental surgeon and a 3D developer, who together turn it into prosthetics for injured animals.

Victoria the goose

“Initially, [veterinarian] Dr. Roberto Fecchio and [dental surgeon] Dr. Paul Miamoto analyzed the animal and … sent me the beak replica data,” 3D developer Cicero Moraes said. “It was and so which I started working on the firstly prosthesis design.”

Victoria had her firstly beak printed shortly afterwards, and all things looked promising. But, after a short while it proved to be a bit too heavy for the poor goose.

Victoria the goose

“The firstly beak lasted four or five months fixed in the animal,” Moraes said. “One day, it dropped down, for the reason of a few fixing problems. Once the beak dropped down, they informed us and we decided to turn it into another [which was] additional compact and additional efficient. On the day of surgery, during the first tests, the experts discovered which the goose had pneumonia. The surgery was canceled to treat the animal. After the animal recovered, a new surgery was scheduled. This time the [beak] was fixed well, and is a much additional elegant [design] — just one-third the dimensions of the firstly.”

Victoria the goose

“No one in the world has at any time done a fewthing like this, we are pioneers. But the largest difference with this 2nd generation beak is which we have the x-rays and we followed anatomical studies as closely as possible. We understand precisely how it should be fixed for a durable fit,” he said.

Victoria the goose

Veterinarians Fecchio and Camargo had high hopes for the 2nd prosthetic.

“It is a quite big challenge. It is the firstly time we returned to such a surgical environment, and this time can be a little various. Victoria can in addition go through a much additional intense rehabilitation system,” Fecchio explained.

Victoria the goose

Camargo agreed, and introduced which this may aid other prosthetic applications in the next. “We require to understand how the beak behaves, how you dive into the system and how you affix the new beak. It is a step forward in the field of 3D prosthetics,” he said.


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