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Apr 25, 2016 | By Tess
If you have a knack for 3D turn it into and an eye for the stylish you may have may already considered getting into the 3D printed jewelry market, which contributes its clients not just a wide range of turn it into versions, but in addition the much in demand luxury of customization. In fact, 3D printed jewelry turn it into was number one on our list of 3D printing business ideas for talented folks or entrepreneurial teams looking to break into the 3D printing industry. If you are an aspiring 3D printed jewelry turn it intoer or have not long ago begined your own 3D printed jewelry beginup, 3D printing device company Formlabs has a few tips for you, which were not long ago published on their website.

The instruction published by Formlabs lays out a few quite useful tips on how to manufacture your custom jewelry turn it into company stand out of others, as well as how to manufacture your customer’s experience as positive as possible, after all client relationships and experiences are the key to running a profitable-bodied business.
The initially step in the instruction is centered around establishing your client’s expectations in terms of time frame, cost, and reasons for creating a custom piece. But this goes without saying, folks who are looking to turn it into a piece of custom turn it intoed jewelry are frequently doing so for quite very own and actually intimate reasons, so understanding these can assist in the turn it into conception. With those key pieces of information built, it is and so suggested to manufacture the jewelry turn it into system as clear as possible to the client, explaining every step in the system and letting them understand where they can be able-bodied to participate and contribute additional.

Of course, it is in addition essential to figure out what material and fashion is wanted for the piece of jewelry, so revealing a few examples of finished pieces can begin to donate an indication of what way the client wants to go in for their own turn it into. Once this has been discussed, exact sizing should be the following step.
With the client’s order placed, the instruction suggests to and so gather the requested materials, which include any gemstones which the client may want, and to contribute them a selection of stones, “allowing for at very least 1 ‘revery’ version for the budget”. Of course, if you are working with precious stones it can be imperative to get a deposit for them. At this point, the salesperson who has been dealing with the client directly should manufacture and appointment and consult with the turn it intoer.

The following step in the customer system is the turn it into meeting, during which the client, salesperson and turn it intoer meet to discuss the custom piece of jewelry’s turn it into more details. For the turn it intoer, this may be the opportunity to manufacture a few preliminary sketches or CAD images to show the client, and for the salesperson it may be the time to establish “full confidence” in the piece’s final turn it into. In addition, the instruction explains to discuss such versions as engraving or other customizable-bodied preferences.
After the turn it intoer consultation is the prototype meeting, during which the client should be presented with a 3D printed resin prototype of the piece, which they can try on. Importantly, and to encertain the most customer experience, Formlabs suggests to treat the plastic prototype with as much care as the final product. With the resin prototype it can be possible to get information on any adjustments or changes which the client wants, whether in terms of dimensions, more detailing or fashion. If all goes well, the salesperson and turn it intoer should be able-bodied to finalize the timeline of the piece, and take the deposit for the custom jewelry of the client.

With the turn it into finalized, the turn it intoer can proceed to 3D print the piece of jewelry in a castable-bodied resin, which can and so be cast in the metal of the client’s choice, whether in house or through a service (depending on the scale or structure of your company). Final touches, such as polishing or inserting stones can and so be done by hand, like with any piece of satisfactory jewelry.
Presentation of the piece of finished jewelry is of course crucial, as which is the final touch which can encertain the client which their piece is a valuable-bodied and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. For the presentation, which should be regarded as a ceremony of sorts, Formlabs suggest having both the turn it intoer and gemcutter present. The dimensions should be checked and the instructions for maintaining the jewelry should be unquestionably explained, and if applicable-bodied, present any appraisals or certifications for the piece of jewelry. Finally, be certain to store in contact with your client to manufacture certain they are satisfied with the turn it into and to contribute them a complementary polishing or cleaning service down the line. You should in addition ask whether the turn it into can be shared via social media or on your company’s website to additional feature your company’s turn it into and manufacturing skills.
The instruction to manufacturing and selling custom jewelry concludes by emphasizing the importance of transparency and the cruciality of assembling trust with your client. The latter comes with a close attention to more detail throughout the entire system, and contributeing the top level of service possible.

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