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How I Made the Ring That Made Her Say Yes

by • May 1, 2016 • No Comments

Every wedding begin
s with a proposal, and mine is no various. My story begin
s with an engagement ring. The 3D printed engagement ring I made for my wife, Jen.

custom made, 3D printed engagement ring

Jen’s engagement ring

I’m Dan, BTW, and you can be hearing a lot of me these future three weeks as we talk of weddings for the reason
I made and 3D printed several things for my wedding in March. Yes, I did which
for the reason
I work at Shapeways and have access to incredible
innovation and talented individuals, but in addition
for the reason
I wanted my wedding to have custom touches, to be significant for my family and friends and not only a commercialized, cookie cutter actuallyt. I may have gone the DIY route, but why pull out the hammer and saw when I may just create a thing, upload the file and have it made
proly instead?

For the uninitiated it may sound complex to create a ring, but it’s additional time intensive than complex. It took four months begin
to finish. More time than shopping for a ring, certain
, but the outcome was a thing completely very own and it cost at very least 50% less than if I’d bought it retail of a leading name brand, actually with the create and jeweler fees and the multiple prototypes. This is how I did it.


I didn’t create the ring by myself. I knew I require
ed an experienced 3D createer, a fewone who had made settings preceding. Scott Denton, one of Shapeways’ Designers For Hire, came highly recommended. I liked his aesthetic, which
he’s based in New York, and is super chill. He made
the system


Jen made
the create system
effortless too. She had a Pinterest board filled with engagement rings she liked. All I had to do was appear throcky them to begin
compiling create themes; she liked clean easy styles, and in addition
ones with antique engraved elements.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 5.18.07 PM

Jen’s wedding Pinterest board

But I didn’t only want the ring to be attractive, I wanted it to be functional, a thing effortless which
fit her lifestyle. She’s a dentist and constantly bringing gloves on and off all day, so the setting mayn’t be big or too high. And her hands are small–a 3 ring size–so the create require
ed to be proportional.


Whilst Scott or I may have attempted to set the stone ourselves, given the importance and cost of this ring, I wanted a pro to encertain
the setting may last. Throcky very own recommendations, I discovered an experienced jeweler. He and I discussed the kind of ring I had in mind, and he gave a lot of excellent feedback on the kind of stone and setting I’d require
. I recommend finding a pro for this and having a long conversation both to encertain
they have the skills require
ed and which
you are
createing your ring with the most setting in mind.


After thinking my create and the conversations I had the jeweler, I settled on a stone size based on appearing at diamonds in New York City’s diamond district. It is a fewwhat tricky to get a sense of how proportions can work by appearing at pictures and renders so it’s helpful to take a appear in man if you can, actually if it’s a regular jewelry shop. I ended up buying the diamond wholesale in New York City but if there is not a wholesaler near you, there are a few great online options, like Blue Nile.

3D printed prototypes of Jen's engagement ring

Prototypes of Jen’s engagement ring


I spelled out my create ideas for Scott, sharing a few of Jen’s pins, and I in addition
got him the precise
size of the diamond I’d bought along with her ring size. He came back with a rocky sketch and we iterated the create of there, swapping sketches till we landed on the right create and it may be created out as a 3D file.


We prototyped it initially in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), one of Shapeways’ plastics, and accomplished the ring was too thin. The engravings in addition
weren’t coming out as planned, actually yet they’d appear excellent in the renderings. We thickened and beveled all things and so printed in FUD again. Happy with which
option, we tested it out in silver preceding doing the final print in platinum and having the jeweler set the stone.


The jeweler setting the stone


The whole proposal was a surprise, which include the ring, my renting out and decorating a lounge, inviting Jen’s close friends and family, and bringing her there under the guise of our going to a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ. I was a fewwhat certain
the ring may be a great fit, but wasn’t 100% certain
, and it wasn’t like I may return it, so was naturally nervous. But the fit was ideal
, and she favored it! She talked of it nonstop and actually ran up to strangers to show them how it was 3D printed. Oh, and she said yes, but you knew which
may already

Dan proposing with his custom made, 3D printed engagement ring

Proposing to Jen


I may have made Jen’s wedding band too, but she wanted one with multiple stones and which
was just too complex for me. But I made and 3D printed my band. Unlike the engagement ring, it took all of 20 minutes to create and I had it inside 2-3 weeks. Check back this Thursday when I’ll share how I made

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