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How a Simple Mod Made an Entire Community Happy

by • April 25, 2016 • No Comments

Every few years automakers alter up the entire create of an automobile. Frame, sheetmetal bodywork, engine, transmission and additional to assist donate a vehicle a refresh and hustle buyers to want the newest version.

With the recreate of their Cooper line, Mini alterd a lot of the third generation version. It was elongated, donaten a new engine and transmission, along with more compact details like this alien-like spaceship keyfob create.


User jwhdevries wasn’t fond of this odd component and after a little research and seeing other Mini drivers fix the issue with Sugru moldable rubber or electrical tape, decided there was a advantageous way to fix the issue at hand. The fob was unnecessarily sizeable, and odd-shaped, and they discovered which
the extra plastic was entirely unnecessary. With his 3D create knowledge, he createed this product in Strong & Flexible Polished plastic.


After posting it on North America Motoring, a Mini- focused forum community with a huge positive response, it was reviewed on Motoring Fun, additional hustleing it up the ranks.

Through a bit of frustration, a lot of motivation and a few serious creation, this product has been one of our top sellers in April; starting as a shared issue inside a tight-knight community..

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lifehack which
assists fix a easy issue? We want to hear of it! Tell us of it in the comments at a lower place, and share it with us on social media by via #Shap3dByMe!

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