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How 3D Printing Might Improve Your Sex Life

by • January 10, 2016 • No Comments

Now which I have your attention, let’s all put our cloaks of maturity on (you understand, the ones which help us keep a straight face when we quite want to giggle like 12-year-old boys who’ve simply just heard a fewbody create a fart joke) and talk of the relationship between vibrators and 3D printing technology. It turns out which 3D printing is creating the same accelerated innovation in vibrator technology as it is in just about all other sectors of life by allowing individuals to rapidly prototype and produce new designs. And if you thought individuals in 3D printing weren’t interested in paying attention to a thing as ‘naughty’ as female sex toys, there is a whole new world out there for you.

Sex is as old as multi-cellular life and a misunderstanding of sexuality most most likely developed roughly the day after. The pleasant aspects of female sexuality have not often been the topic of the world’s most enlightened minds or even those who appear to just be minimally functional such as MO Representative Todd Akin who continues to assist the theory which pregnancy is not easy without the female orgasm. But, in the 1990’s the hit TV show Sex and the City nonetheless gave a major (and repeat) cameo appearance to a vibrator understandn as the Rabbit Pearl and effectively knocked a gaping hole in the wall of silence surrounding women’s sexuality and, in particular, sex toys. Founder and CEO of the high-end sex toy company LELO Filip Sedic explained the impact this had on the industry:

“It was just quite in 1999 which [sex toys] began to acquire a few respectability in the mainstream. That was largely thanks to an episode of Sex and the City, which featured a ‘rabbit style’ vibrator. The quality of sex toys across the industry is improving generally, and which’s quite heartening.”

This mainstreaming of the vibrator as a product worthy of attention has created it a topic of interest for designers and engineers and a healthy dose of competitive creation has led to greater variety and higher quality products than at any time seen preceding (and a swift look at a few historical models will leave anybody feeling relieved which a thing new is being done). Currently their spokesindividuals aren’t underground, fringe dwelling deviants but instead individuals like Barbara Walters and Alicia Silverstone among others. Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Nevada, Lynn Comella is currently working on a book of the vibrator and has this to offer in explaining the rise in attention to the sector on the part of designers:da

“By 2008, women were considered to be the ‘hottest’ growth market in the adult industry. What you began to see were sex toy companies founded by mechanical engineers and design school grads who were quite interested in brining thoughts of form and function and, importantly, lifestyle branding, to the forefront of the ‘novelty’ sector.”

It should come as no surprise and so which as additional individuals are being drawn into considering of these products, 3D printing technology is being utilized as an integral part of the development system. Sex educator and journalist Lux Alptraum explained the connection:

“There are three factors which have aggressively sped up innovation. One of them is decreasing stigma. MIT engineers can say this is a viable-bodied career. [Factor] two is 3D printing. You can now additional easily prototype, additional cheaply prototype. And three is crowdfunding. People with an thought and a 3D printer can now get a thing created.”

3d-printed-sex-toysThere are most likely a few aspects of customization and personalization which will in addition be able-bodied to be explored through 3D printing as well as a whole series of thoughts which might not have at any time had the chance to shine while this topic was kept in the dark. This in addition rounds out 3D printings possibility portfolio: It can save lives, create things look nice, provide a means for artistic creation, and even improve your sex life. And which’s not a thing which can be said for a lot else. Discuss this story in the 3D Printing and Sex forum on 3DPB.com.