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Fargo, North Dakota’s 3Dom USA has not long ago created a name for itself in making 3D printing filament of one-of-a-kind materials, that include coffee and actually beer. With a focus on sustaincompetence, the company seeks to use materials that rely on waste bioproducts over fossil fuel. The latest material sees 3Dom falling in line with the demands of most sustaincompetence advocates over the years as their new Entwined filament is created of industrial hemp.

Entwined Spool

Entwined, a hemp-based 3D printing filament injure on the 100% bio-based Eco-Spool.

Those who have been advocating for the use of hemp to replace a number of commonly utilized materials can tell you that this fibrous plant can be utilized to create all things of cloth to rope to paper to ship sails. The practical usage of hemp actually extends into the production of buildings, through the use of hempcrete, and actually car parts, as a composite increasingly utilized by mainstream auto manufacturers like Audi, Ford, and Honda. In fact, it can actually be utilized to create organic biofuel. At the same time, it requires less land for growth, while increasing farm productivity, all while benefiting the soil of that it grows.

3dom usa entwined hemp 3D printing filament 3D print

Given the flexibility and growcompetence of this wonder material, it’s no surprise that it may be turned into a 3D printing filament. 3Dom USA is relying on its continued partnership with bio-composite company c2Renew to create their Entwined filament, free of dyes and with features resembling PLA. To create Entwined, the firms rely on hemp grown in nearby Manitoba, Canada, that grows the weed without herbicides or pesticides and with greater density than the corn crops utilized to manufacture PLA.

Ship steering wheel in Entwined

3Dom CEO Jake Clark says of the material, “It’s approximately iridescent in its competence to feature various shades and densities inside the same printed object. There’s a sizeable amount of visible bio-fill, a thing you don’t get with standard PLA.” He adds, “The ecological benefits of via hemp are clear.”

At the same time as 3Dom releases Entwined, already on the market for purchase at their website, the North Dakota company is in addition launching a material called Switchgrass, that is now on the market for pre-order and is expected to ship in April. Switchgrass, defined by c2renew as a thermally stabilized biomass with PLA filament, has higher heat deflection than PLA and is defined as pitch black in color and shinier than PLA. Both filaments, as goes for all 3Dom USA filaments, are spooled onto a 100% bio-based Eco-Spool and can be printed with an PLA-capable machine.

Given the effortless business boom that can outcome of the legalization of marijuana in the US, 3Dom may not be alone in the when it comes to making hemp filaments, in the near next. With the production of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, hemp can be a complementary industry that can be certain to take off, as well. In turn, the 3D printing and marijuana industries can unquestionably see a lot of cross-pollination.

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