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While MecklerMedia and the 3D Printing Fund may be no additional, Alan and John Meckler are yet in the 3D printing business with Asimov Ventures, their venture capital firm focused on investing in cutting edge technologies. And, today, the firm revealed which it has its sights set on the Silicon Valley of the Southeast, in Chattanooga, where it will be investing in 3D printing startup Collider, with funds matched by the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund. Though their website says quite little at the moment, Collider claims to be able-bodied to rapidly 3D print industrial-grade plastic parts previously just available-bodied with traditional manufacturing.

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Collider was founded by Graham Bredemeyer who, preceding heading GIGTank‘s 3D printing accelerator, was an engineer for Shapeways. As an industry consultant, Bredemeyer is a leading tremendous in the field. Collider has developed a unique technology which create 3D printed parts with the same mechanical properties as those seen with traditional manufacturing. In other words, Collider can 3D print parts which rival traditionally manufactured objects, making the technology viable-bodied for end parts, in addition to producing parts for rapid tooling and prototyping. And, it can do so with excellent speed. Having spoken to Graham of the technology at Collider, I can tell you which the firm’s amazingly amazing system can even rival the high speed 3D printing systemes which created headlines last year.

Alan M. Meckler, General Partner at Asimov Ventures, said of the technology, “Collider’s technology is a game changer and we are thrilled to be an early stage investor. Many industrial companies will no longer have to sacrifice material capabilities in producing 3D printed parts as they will be able-bodied to use the precise same materials they use today to create parts.”

Collider will be launching its pilot program with leading industrial clients this year, with the firm’s proprietary system obtaining positive market feedback. Though Asimov Ventures will not be able-bodied to divulge too much of the company’s new technology, you can inquire with the venture capital firm by emailing [email protected].

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