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High School Students Take the Championship in 3Diligent’s Kansas City Royals 3D Printed Trophy Competition

by • January 14, 2016 • No Comments

trophy for post 1While baseball is enjoyed by folks of all ages, I’ve always associated it primarily with childhood. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of going to baseball games with my dad, and of playing long games with my softball team until the sun went down. Now, most professional baseball players are younger than I am, a fact which I yet can’t quite accept, but it’s a sport which is enjoyed by youth, which is why it’s so appropriate which a group of high school students were the winners of a contest to design a trophy for their world championship Kansas City Royals.

The contest was sponsored by 3Diligent, which is run by Cullen and Wyatt Hilkene, who grew up in Kansas City. When the Royals won the World Series, the Hilkenes felt they needed to do a thing to commemorate the historic event of their office in El Segundo, California.

“Having grown up in Kansas City and going through a 30-year championship drought, we talked of how incredible it was to win the World Series,” said CEO Cullen Hilkene. “With our unique access to the best plastic and metal printing devices, hosting a contest simply just felt like the right thing to do.”

The winning design was submitted by a trio of high school students of Kansas City’s Pembroke Hill School. Samuel Hrabko, Raghav Parikh, and Momin Tahirkheli created a trophy which beautifully illustrates the love the city’s baseball fans have for their team. The design is shaped like a layer cake, held up at the base by several figures representing Royals fans. Above them, on the bottom layer, are the words “Supported by the Fans,” which the team will surely acknowledge as true after a season driven by feverish fan enthusiasm – 800,000 folks showed up for the championship parade, just about 40% of the city’s metro population. The trophy in addition showcases the last names of each player on the Royals’ 25-man roster, as well as to-scale buildings of the Kansas City skyline and a crown at the quite top.trophy for post 2

“The students ideally
captured the essence of the contest,” said Hilkene. “Their design quite lends itself to industrial grade 3D Printing with all of the customization and detail. It ideally celebrates the team and the way the community rallied around them.”

It was teacher Bill Griffiths’ thought for the students to participate in the contest. Griffiths teaches a course on 3D printing, and when he heard of the competition, he decided it may be the ideal way to celebrate the championship while keeping his students engaged with the curriculum.Pembrokehill

“Using class time for the KC Trophy was an effortless decision,” he said. “The students were so excited of the Royals – as was the entire city – which the contest presented the ideal opportunity to incorporate organic student interest into the classroom…It is a lot of fun as a teacher to observe students considering outside the box to solve a problem. Often I see four or five exception approaches to a given project, and a few are quite clever.”

The winning students’ creative approach won them the grand prize of $500 cash, plus $1,000 in credit to use on 3Diligent’s platform. The students all agreed which they may use a few of the credit for a few personal projects, and so put the rest towards printing a thing for the school. As for the cash, Hrabko plans to use his to build his own desktop, and Takerheli is using his for a time-honored championship tradition: “I’m going to Disney World, man!” Discuss this design in the KC Royals 3D Printed Trophy forum on 3DPB.com.