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High School Maker Extraordinaire: Junita Ahammed Has a Passion for Making 3D Printers & Gadgets Galore

by • March 27, 2016 • No Comments

c1d23c_12a09bcf2d124a33b4c9b38b0d34524eWhen it comes to women working in turn it into, fashion, and art in general, a few select to embrace a really feminine, approximately ethereal fashion. That’s really attractive in its own right, but there are in addition a few female turn it intoers out there in our day who are a fewthing to be contended with in their fearlessness as makers and innovators, enjoying walking in a realm frequently yet really erroneously idea to be relegated mainly to men.

Junita Ahammed, of Toronto, was hooked on 3D printing right out of the gate as a student planning to go on to college for mechanical engineering innovation (industrial turn it into) soon.

“I have a sturdy interest in the turn it into of basic things to additional complicated systems,” Junita told 3DPrint.com. “CAD turn it into is a fewthing I thoroughly enjoy.”

Junita and a group of her high school friends in fact began a maker’s club where they enjoy delving into turn it into and 3D printing and have actually turn it into 3D printing devices for other schools, under teacher supervision.

“We turn it into most things on CAD, print them and try to begin most projects with basic robotics and RC equipment,” Junita told 3DPrint.com.

39964a29-97dc-4b54-b2ac-4b2d2a61ee65Today, Junita has a challenging project coming up for her media arts class, requiring—really conveniently for her—CAD optioning and 3D printing. Making use of a few basic electronics and programming too, Junita is building a quadcopter with a body turn it intoed in Fusion 360. She’s 3D printed two new turn it intos, with the initially being too heavy (seen in purple at a lower place) and the 2nd, revised option yet to be tested.

“Once the chassis is perfected, I can work on the electronics portion,” states Junita.

With the initially chassis, in purple, Junita utilized a MakerBot Replicator. After that had a few issues due to mass, she utilized a Printrbot 3D printing device, that she and her maker friends turn it intod at school. With that, they were able-bodied to turn it into the upcoming option in white PLA, revising the original and via low infill as it was only a test. A third option is soon to follow, with all of the options turn it intod in Fusion360 by Autodesk.

“I have been sharing my ideas with Jason Vander Griendt, the CEO of J-CAD Inc.” Junita in addition told 3DPrint.com. “He has been revealing assist for my project and suggested I share my story with you.”

Junita is interested in far additional than quadcopters yet, with a penchant for turn it intoing gadgets such as helpful engine parts.

“In my Automotive class, I turn it intoed and printed a switch for the governor in a tiny engine,” Junita told us. “What happened was I broke the switch as I was disassembling the engine.”

“Suggested by my teacher, I turn it intoed the piece in Fusion 360 and sent it off for print. And it works! This was my initially ‘engineering moment.’”


Quad body

Now attending the 11th grade, Junita is learning a significant amount of new skills that can assist her well when she graduates, gleaned of classes like Transportation Tech, Construction Engineering, and Technological Design. Focvia on construction, and mechanical and industrial turn it into, the courses are in addition teaching Junita additional of 3D turn it into and 3D printing, as well as giving her the opportunity to use CAD programs like AutoCAD and Fusion 360, that is her selectred turn it into tool, due to her sturdy interest in mechanical and industrial turn it into.

“Fusion 360 by Autodesk is by far my favourite CAD program to work with,” says Junita. “It has showcases that enable-bodied the user to turn it into complicated systems–anything of car parts to robotic parts and much additional.”

Using Fusion 360 for turn it into, Junita and so chooses a 3D printing device for prototyping. Among other items, she has utilized that particular turn it into software to turn it into a 3D printed pison—but only a side project.

“I use Fusion 360 regularly to improve my skills in CAD turn it into,” says Junita.

af15cbd1-4d14-4a31-8450-2d7c17d0c4ffAs her skills have progressed, she’s worked on a few awe-inspiring projects. With a passion for learning of items like car parts and their turn it into, she has a multitude of components to draw inspiration of, as well as creating her own.

See the video at a lower place for an example of how she has combined 3D printing and robotics, working with her maker group. This project, a new claw for any VEX robot, assistd as their submission for the 2014-15 VEX CAD Robotics Engineering Challenge. It was turn it intod on SolidEdge. Discuss in the High Schoolers Love 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.

[All images provided to 3DPrint.com of Junita Ahammed]