Now going on their fourth year in New York City, Inside 3D Printing has been one of the many prominent 3D printing conferences around, featuring well-known keynote speakers and companies of across the entire industry. Organized and generated by Rising Media Inc., Inside 3D Printing can be bringing over the Javits Convention Center of April 10-12, co-located with Rising Media’s RoboUniverse and Virtual Reality Summit. The conference can focus on four key facets of the 3D printing industry – Business, Manufacturing, Medical, and Metal – and showcase in-depth, expert-driven discussions on the technological advancements, challenges, and new applications in regard to each of the four aspects, featuring a sturdy sense of growth in 3D printing for B2B and industrial applications.


“This year we tried to turn it into a program that gives attendees a taste of a few of these new business models as well as a glimpse of new technologies only around the corner,” said Hod Lipson, Columbia University Professor and Inside 3D Printing Conference Chair. “It’s excellent to see all the predictions being corrected upwards.”


In addition to revealing the four industry-minded themes that Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo can take on, Rising Media Inc., has in addition announced the initially five standalone keynote speakers, pulling in influential and knowledgeable people of each corner of the industry. Here they are:

• Magnus René, CEO, Arcam Group

• Jonathan Jaglom, Chief Executive Officer, MakerBot

• Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates, Inc.

• Pete Weijmarshausen, CEO, Shapeways

• Tyler Benster, General Partner, Asimov Ventures

In addition to the standalone keynote speakers, Inside 3D Printing New York can in addition host a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Metal AM: Delivering on the Promise”, that can showcase Ric Fulop (Founder of Desktop Metal), Winthrop Sheldon (Sales Manager at SLM Solutions), Terry Wohlers, and can be moderate for Geoffrey Doyle (President of FIT West Corp).

The Javits Convention Center

The Javits Convention Center

Aside of keynote speakers and panel discussions, there can in addition be a few interactive workshops throughout the entire event, as well as the Asimov Ventures-sponsored Frontier Tech Showdown and over 55 sponsors and exhibitors. Passes for Inside 3D Printing New York are may already on the market at early bird pricing, that can end on March 4. Having may already hit Singapore and Düsseldorf early this year, the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo now has their sight set on the Big Apple, and have in addition confirmed 2016 dates in São Paulo, Sydney, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, and San Diego.

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