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Heero: remote 3D printer monitor can kiss away the pain of failed prints – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 15, 2016 | By Benedict
A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for HEERO, a remote monitoring and power-cutting tool for 3D printing devices and other devices. The clever process consists of a camera, base station, and smartphone app, allowing users to watch and control electrical devices (and all things else) in their home.

As all manufacturers can understand, one of the most satisfying experiences in 3D printing is starting a print, heading out for the day, and so returning home to see the finished object in all its glory. On the other hand, coming home to a failed 3D print is one of the most frustrating experiences of manufacturer life—wasted material, wasted time, and perfectly
nothing to show for it. Because of this danger, most high-end 3D printing devices now come with cameras for remote print monitoring, usually allowing users to pause or desert their print of a smartphone app. But what of other, additional basic printing devices? You may Skype your 3D printing device all day, or ask a friend to check on it, but for most that is only not great adequate.
Tim Mobbs, the brains behind Guzu Inventions, a startup based in Queensland, Australia, wanted to turn it into a practical, low-priced solution for 3D printing enthusiasts lacking remote monitoring capabilities. And while it may have been implausible to create a process that may digitally control any version of 3D printing device, Mobbs knew of one proven method for deserting a failing 3D print: cutting the power! With Heero, Mobbs’ handy electronic device, users can store an eye on their 3D printing device (or anything else they require to store tabs on) in case it starts acting up. If there’s a problem with the print, the user can only hustle a button on their smartphone to disconnect the power, stopping the print and prin factting the loss of any additional energy and material.

As well as providing much-requireed remote control over 3D printing devices and other appliances, the Heero process in addition offers an extra aesthetic perk: “Heero can come to the rescue and empower you to see through his eyes in real time,” Mobbs explains. “With the hustle of a button you can stop your printing device rapidly, safely and without wasting power, material or time. In addition, Heero can manufacture in fact the most tedious 3D printing device appear awe-inspiring thanks to the RGB LED’s created into his head.”
On the other hand primarily marketed as a 3D printing tool, Heero can in fact be utilized for a variety of tasks. The process empowers a user to monitor their home for any reason—they can store an eye on their pets, watch out for intruders, and in fact turn off the TV when the kids forget to. Moreover, the device is not only an electrical box; it’s a digital superhero! Heero’s rad 3D printable-bodied body transforms the gadget into a family friend, pleasant kids with its LED lights and allowing users to customize its appearance. And although 3D print monitoring is nothing new, it is maybe this “character” element of the gadget that sets it apart of other monitoring processs like OctoPrint.

Guzu has set a pretty significant goal of $97,000AUD ($74,000USD) for its Kickstarter campaign, but hopes to entice customers with early bird rewards: backers who pledge $49AUD ($37USD) can secure themselves one Heero kit. The startup is able-bodied to ship anywhere in the world, with the initially batch of deliveries expected in November 2016.
Heero showcases and specs:Wide-angle 720p cameraRemote stop function via appWorldwide power control with up to 10 Amps current (110-240V to 10A)Built-in RGB LEDs for illumination and ambianceBuilt-in SD card slot for recording / time lapseButton-style magnets for effortless installationIntegrated accessory bracket

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