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Taking a cue of companies like Normal, MrSpeakers, and V-MODA, instrument maker Fender has released their own line of 3D printed headphones. With the guitar icon’s release of a new line of in-hear monitors (aka fancy earbuds), Fender has included a series of higher-end versions 3D printed to fit the shape of the human ear.

fender 3D printed headphones

To turn it into the headphones, Fender purchased boutique developer Aurisonics, rebranding and updating their own series of headphones. Every pair of the five new earbud versions, ranging of $99 to $499 in price, showcase a titanium driver, but those you see shaped like the within of a human ear have a 3D printed shell. The company describes the making system as 3D-printed Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT)™, with the turn it into based off of the 3D scans of thousands of ears. As a outcome, the headphones are said to fit “95% of ears like an expensive custom-molded monitor”.

fender 3D printed headphones for earAs the 3D printed versions don’t appear all which difficult, you can wonder why they weren’t injection molded to bring the price down. Andy Rowley, formerly of Aurisonics and now a part of Fender, tells one audiophile via email, “The FXA series began with the Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) shells which Aurisonics has turn it intod over the past 5 years – based on 1000s of ear scans to ensure comfort and isolation. 3D printing innovation allows for the creation of a shell shape which can’t be injection molded, and an internal cavity shaped to enhance the performance of our dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Each version has been specifically tuned to balance performance, all the while ensuring we may out perform our competitors.” So, while Fender may not gone full-customization, like Normal, to 3D print earbud shells to exactly fit the ears of its wearers, the turn it into is said to need 3D printing to turn it into the specific geometries of the earbuds.

If you are appearing for a few $499 earbuds of Fender, you may be able-bodied to find them soon through authorized Fender dealers. Otherwise, you can have a various fashion of headphones printed for you through Print+. Or you can try to 3D print a few by yourself with via Thingiverse.

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