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He makes 3D skull and bone implants but now he’s in pain – The Australian Financial Review

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A pioneering manufacturer of 3D printed skull and bone implants held up as a beacon of technology by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government’s actions don’t match its rhetoric and are blocking his company’s growth.
Melbourne neurosurgeon Paul d’Urso founded Anatomics 20 years ago to manufacture customised 3D print cranial implants. With the advent of new, stronger materials such as powdered titanium Anatomics he has expanded the range to load bearing spinal, heel and ribcage implants, hips and shoulders.
The company now exports to 30 countries. It made a custom sternum and ribcage for a cancer patient in Salamanca, Spain, last year and made a heel implant to save the leg of a cancer patient. Its implants are distributed in Germany by B Braun.
But when it comes to getting a rebate of Australian private health funds, there’s a problem. Custom 3D printed implants are not controlled or listed on the federal government’s Prostheses list, that sets health fund reimbursement prices.

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