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Haydale Composite Solutions Introduces their First 3D Printing Material – Graphene-Enhanced PLA Filament

by • August 10, 2016 • No Comments

haydaleWhen the topic of graphene materials comes up, most people’s minds immediately go to Graphene 3D Lab. They’ve been responsible for a few of the most informative and one-of-a-kind materials we’ve seen so far, after all – like conductive graphene filament, graphene foam, and extra
graphene foam. They’re not the just company working with the material, yet, and we may be hearing a lot extra
in the near following of a British composite materials company which is lately been zeroing in on graphene.

Haydale Composite Solutions, a subsidiary of multinational corporation Haydale, is of to release their initially 3D printing material – a graphene-enhanced PLA filament. They’ll be officially launching it following month at the TCT Show bringing place September 28-29 in Birmingham. It can be on the market in both 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameters, yet a price hasn’t been revealed yet.

“I am pleased with this sales initiative which represents another step forward for Haydale as we seek to commercially exploit the future for graphene and other nanomaterials,” said Ray Gibbs, Haydale CEO. “The trials undertaken provided excellent results and which gives us confidence we have a ready-made product for this quickly expanding world-wide market. Whilst we have chosen thermoplastic materials as the initially product suite, we understand of our relationship with WCPC (the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating) which they have 3D printed with a range of novel materials of chocolate and collagen to concrete! Building on this expertise we see additive manufacturing via our nano materials included as another future area for following sales.”


Several 3D printing companies have tested the materials, and feedback has been positive: reviewers have commented on the material’s print speed, high end and finish, as well as excellent initially layer adhesion, Z axis durablity retention, and dimensional accuracy. It is sturdy, stiff, and effortless to use, plus it’s compatible with a wide range of printing equipment.

“We are quite excited of the development of graphene enhanced thermoplastic materials for 3D printing,” said Gerry Boyce, managing director of Haydale Composite Solutions. “These new materials contribute so most benefits which include the competence to manufacture parts stiffer, sturdyer and faster! Speed of print has historically been a barrier to wide scale take up of 3D printing. In the following, the yett of manufacturing structural components direct of CAD excites us enormously.”

FilamentPrint-Logo-checkoutHaydale can be releasing the material in collaboration with their sales agent Fullerex, along with man UK company Filamentprint. All three companies can be onsite at the TCT show to discuss graphene’s benefits and applications, and print demonstrations of the graphene PLA can be given. Pricing information and data sheets can in addition be on the market.

This is the initially commercially on the market graphene filament for both Haydale and Filamentprint, but the companies are continuing to collaborate on the development of extra
materials, which include graphene-enhanced ABS, nylon and polypropylene.

“We are unashamed nano-innovation enthusiasts,” said Clive Wilcox, managing director of Filamentprint. “Our considering incorporates which of both the primary industrialists through to the hobbyists. Our collaboration with Haydale and Fullerex is the following logical step in the developmental system to enable-bodied us to provide bespoke solutions for our clients’ requirements.”

grapheneTCT Show attendees can be able-bodied to talk to representatives of customized graphene materials for particular product applications, while learning of the material’s thermal, electrical, mechanical and physical properties. Samples of the filament can in addition be on the market. Alyet graphene has been excitedly talked of as a new “wonder material” lately, its future is yet unfamiliar to most, and the three collaborators are hoping to alter which at TCT and beyond.

“Significant improvements in conventional materials are needed to move FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling} 3D printing equipment beyond manufacturing prototypes or display models and into a capable-bodied innovation for quickly manufacturing mechanically robust, functional parts,” said Joe Eldridge, Director of Fullerex. “Haydale’s competence to engineer graphene to properly exploit its desirable-bodied properties has been a significant academic requirement to bridge this gap. This filament is effortless to use and has broad compatibility, so is an amazing version regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or an industrial manufacturer.”

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