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Hawk 3D Proto Reveals New Interactive Website Featuring Tutorials, Video Tours and More

by • April 18, 2016 • No Comments

Hawk3D printerSince Hawk 3D Proto‘s inception in 2013, the English 3D printing retailer hasn’t stopped expanding. Just in the past few months the company has signed new distribution agreements with 3D printing giants such as WASP and Zortrax, and it has been aggressive in racing to be the initially in line to carry the newest and most materials. Hawk 3D Proto’s efforts have paid off as it’s become a quite well-stocked retailer of 3D printing equipment and materials, as well as a 3D printing bureau. Now, in addition to adding to its swiftly expanding inventory, the company is focusing its efforts on customer experience by designing an interactive e-commerce website.

axiom“Designed for ease of use, the website allows for visitors to the site to independently explore the company’s wide portfolio of 3D printing equipment and 3D printing supplies — and, should they wish to do so, buy online,” said Ben Hawksworth, Founder and CEO of Hawk 3D Proto. “We’re quite excited of this development for the reason as we go on to expand the range of 3D printing equipment that we contribute, it can manufacture it simpler for our customers to find the right solution for them.”

In addition to WASP and Zortrax, Hawk 3D Proto in addition carries printing equipment of BeeVeryCreative, BCN3D, and Airwolf, plus a wide variety of 3D printing materials. The redesigned site is additional than only an online shopping center, yet. It is in addition a resource for additionaling one’s knowledge of 3D printing. Videos and tutorials of the different types of 3D printing equipment in Hawk 3D Proto’s stock are now on the market, plus a new video tour of the company’s physical showroom, that is located in West Yorkshire.


“We have in addition created the site so that it can become a reliable resource for learning of 3D printing and a source for additional exploration beyond the online environment,” said Hawksworth. “There is a excellent introductory video that allows for you to see the Hawk 3D proto showroom – a initially class facility set up by the company to allow additional folks to get hands-on with the technology…But if online is not adequate — and let’s be honest, with 3D printing online is excellent to get insight but it is frequently not adequate to get real belief when you want to get fully involved — visits to the showroom can be arranged by appointment, and workshops can be set up for companies and people alike.”

To arrange a visit to Hawk 3D Proto’s showroom, you can contact the company here or email sales@hawk3dproto.co.uk. Below, you can see a video tour of the showroom and a swift overview of the products the company contribute. Discuss additional in the Hawk 3D Proto forum over at 3DPB.com.